In The Crosshairs U.S. Tour: Episode 2

We are in Las Vegas for Interbike and, more importantly, CrossVegas. Lots to get to on that race, but in the meantime, ITCH Tour photographer Bruce Buckley and I went to the Interbike Outdoor Demo and tested out some dual-suspension MTB e-bikes. It was a bit of an adventure that we chronicled for your enjoyment right here:

The editing of the Trek CXC Cup videos still continues. I hope to have those out to you soon. If you’re looking for even more content, check out the cxhairs Instagram feed. Lots of good stuff going up there.

This content and everything that follows for the next week is made possible by the amazing support of Orange Seal. Along with our other above-and-beyond sponsors: Easton Cycling, SDG Components, Verge Sport, Feedback Sports and Squid Bikes. As always, please click on the links, throw a tweet their way, etc. You guys know the drill.

This is all part of the ITCH Tour.

More soon.


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