Crosshairs Radio Episode 43: Sven Nys

If you have a cyclocross podcast, or any podcast for that matter, it doesn’t take long before people start asking you who your dream guest would be. I think it’s safe to say, this week I can put a check mark next to the first person on that list, because Sven Nys is our guest.

I am not going to insult your cyclocross intelligence with telling you about Sven Nys. You all know who he is and what he has accomplished. What I can tell you is that for all of the hard work he put in as a professional cyclist, he may be working even harder in his “retirement.” The guy goes non-stop. From managing the Telenet-Fidea team, to holding clinics, working the pits, washing team bikes, driving the van. He does it all.

© 2013 Bruce Buckley
© 2013 Bruce Buckley

In typical Sven Nys fashion, I asked for 30 minutes and he graciously gave me close to an hour. We have a great wide ranging conversation for the first half of the podcast, and then we get into the weeds, in the best of ways. Sven breaks down video from his final World Cup victory at Koksijde and then we talk for a bit about the 2016 World Championship race in Zolder.

For that second half of the podcast (right about the 27 minute mark) there is a video companion piece that is posted below. It’s basically the rest of the podcast but with video clips added for reference. I would strongly urge that you listen to the audio podcast first. First, if you just watch the video you are going to miss some amazing insight. Second, downloading and listening to the podcast, especially if you subscribe through iTunes (ad also rate and review), helps us secure sponsors and advertising.

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3 thoughts on “Crosshairs Radio Episode 43: Sven Nys

  1. Thank you very much for this. And Sven, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. You are the CX Superhero. I must admit that I am going to miss the weekly Svenness videos. Who will be taking over this segment?

  2. first time catching the podcast and what good one to catch…… have always been a fan of Sven and his knowledge of the sport is amazing.
    thanks and will continue to check out the podcast

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