Crosshairs Radio Episode 45: Kerry Werner

For episode 45 we talk to Kerry Werner about, among other things, his transformation from top-level mountain-biker to pro cyclocross racer. Kerry has some great stories about his adventures in cycling. He is a person who comes across as pretty laid back but there’s definitely an intensity there that drives Kerry to constantly analyze his performance and strive to improve. He’s also got a bit of a prankster side and a good sense of humor, which makes for a fun conversation.

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You can follow along with Kerry at, where he does a nice job keeping readers up to date on what’s going on. Also hit him up on Twitter at @kerryw24 and Instagram also at @kerryw24.

This episode was recorded outside of Madison, Wisconsin, as part of the ITCH Tour. We are highlighting Easton Cycling, one of our sponsors from that tour in this episode. Check out and give them  a follow on Twitter @eastoncycling. Let Easton know you heard about them on Crosshairs Radio.

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