Crosshairs Radio Episode 66: TDDTIE (2017 Awards Show)

The cyclocross season has come to an end, which means it’s time for the 2d Annual TDDTIE Awards Show! Scott, David and Bill hand out the hardware for a full slate of end-of-season awards, from best lap and favorite course feature to top cyclocrosser. We also answer viewer mail and catch up on the latest news.

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In the episode we talk about friend of the show Jens Dekker’s pick for best lap, the Italian Cyclocross National Championship race. It’s worth your time to check it out:

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One thought on “Crosshairs Radio Episode 66: TDDTIE (2017 Awards Show)

  1. I am excited to listen to my first podcast in over a month! During our last good snow, I was doing extreme skiing in downtown Lansing and broke my arm. Drat! Weeks later, on the first day I could do it, with bones plated and screwed, I’m enjoying my first session back at my workbench, riveting and modifying old Swiss ammo cases, turning them into deluxe leather and canvas bike panniers. …And I’m so excited to hear the podcast! I left off with the Worlds. The only time I can listen is at my workbench and it makes riveting so fun! Sure, I look forward to making my customers happy, but even more, I have to say, I enjoy hearing the shenanigans of your team reliving the awesome moments of our beloved CX season. It’s a sport like no other. It’s a crazy alchemy. And you guys bring it to life while I hammer. Thanks! Here goes! Hooray!

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