2017 Crystal City BID Wednesday Night Spins Week 3

It may have been a cold evening at the subterranean parking garage race track, but the competition was hotter than ever with many series podiums still undecided in the penultimate race. The chilly temperatures didn’t keep the competitors away as sold out fields once again toed the line at Wednesday Night Spins.

In the women’s field, Britt Mason and Erin Conner are separated by one point. One of those two will take the series in week 4. The battle for third place is wide open. In the open category, Craig Etheridge has a firm but not unsurpassable grasp on first place. Michael Berry, in second place, is the one person who could take the series over Etheridge, but he has his work cut out for him. Similar to the women’s field, the battle for third place is too close to call. Finally, in the beginner’s field, Sam Kristy and Jason Cooper have battled each week and will go head-to-head on Wednesday to see who takes the series crown. Harris, Beck and Urquijo all are tied for third with Seip, Argueto and Hepp right there, too. Week 4 is going to be the week to watch. So come on out. Grab dinner in Crystal City, then have a beer with us in the garage.

Interested in coming out next week? Registration is here: www.bikereg.com/crystal-citywednesday-night-sprints

Interested in seeing how you looked? Our friend Darrell Parks has a gallery up here: www.flickr.com/photos/darrellparks/sets/72157678176486584/with/32699185494/

Interested in seeing how you did last night? Here are your results and series standings:


2017-03-15-CCWNS_Week 3_beginner-r1-

Beginner Series Standings


Women’s Results

2017-03-15-CCWNS_Week 3_women-r2-

Women’s Series Standings

Open Results

2017-03-15-CCWNS_Week 3_open-r3-

Open Series Standings


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