Recap: DCCX Day 1

Kerry Werner (Kona Endurance) and Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme) took UCI C2 wins on the first day of the 2017 DCCX — a dry, dusty affair in mild temperatures held at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. Both racers drove the pace hard from the holeshot, creating a select small group, and attacked late for a narrow but distinct margin of victory.

Kemmerer, a regular visitor to DCCX since well before the race’s UCI inscription, pried open the women’s field at the front in early laps, eventually forcing a selection of Allison Arensman (J.A. King p/b Blue Ridge ‘Cross) and Jen Malik (American Classic). Dangling just behind were a group of Lily Williams (Pony Shop CX), Carla Williams (Joe’s Bike Shop) and Cassandra Maximenko (Van Dessel). The front group extended its lead into the penultimate lap, when Kemmerer hit the front and eked out a small gap. Malik left Arensman behind in pursuit of Kemmerer, but would not catch the winner. Lily Williams took a sprint with Carla Willams — no relation — for fourth place.

In the men’s race, Werner strung out the front of the race relentlessly through and beyond the first lap, eventually taking Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Hyperthreads) with him with a small gap on Anthony Clark (Squid), Tristan Cowie (Triple Oaks Racing), Bjorn Selander (Borah Teamwear) and Dan Chabanov (Richard Sachs). Clark and Cowie would make it up to the winning selection in front, while Selander would ride in no man’s land the remainder of the race for 5th place, and Chabanov eventually drifted back to a chase led by Travis Livermon (Maxxis-Shimano). Clark, Cowie, Werner and Lindine — in that exact same order — would ride together for the bulk of the race. Just after hearing the last-lap bell, Werner went to and off the front, opening up a small gap which continued to grow despite Cowie’s determined chase. Werner, who won both days of DCCX last year, had time to sit up and celebrate, and Clark came around Cowie at the line in a sprint for second.

Results are available here. Racing continues on Sunday with another C2 event, with conditions expected to be similar.

Lead photo © 2017 Bruce Buckley.


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