Crystal City Crosshairs Garage Races 2018 | Round 3

After a week off for a weather-related postponement of the series, Crosshairs Garage Races were back at it and in full force. The week off meant the four week series would be decided after only three races, which meant the pressure was on for racers battling for the overall prize. Full results of the series are listed below. We wanted to make sure we calculated everything correctly before  awarding the coveted Petty Cup, which will make its appearance next week at our final set of races. We hope to see everyone there for the craziest set of races underground.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support of the event and a special thanks to our staff and volunteers who make it all possible.

As always, we want to give a shout out to Crystal City BID for making this event possible and JBG Smith for allowing us to race in their parking garage. Special thanks to Chrome and Acme Pie for providing prizes.

Photos this week once again from Crosshairs Garage Races official photographer, Bruce Buckley. A full gallery of photos for the evening is available at .

Photos are free to download and post online for non-commercial purposes. Please consider purchasing prints. If you want to use any photos for commercial purposes, please contact Bruce.

Merch! We have shirts for sale. We should have shirts available at next week’s race, so bring an extra $20 with you. You can also order now and we will have them ready for shipping by the end of march. Order here:










Results for week two and Series Standings:

Women’s Field:

Final Series Standings:

1. Britt Mason 30
2. Libbey Sheldon 18
3. Erin Conner 17
4. Erika Gardner 16
5. Christina Hosenfeld 15
6. Jenna Latour-Nichols 14
7. Dee Reeb 12
8. Amanda Gravenhurst 8
8. Melody Peppard 8
10.Carolyn Delanoy 6
10.Lindsey O’Connor 6
12.Maedi Tanham Carney 4
13.Amy Luebbering 3
14.Sophia Hu 2
14.Sheila Mahadevan 2

Beginner Field:


Final Series Standings:

1. Adrian Alday 23
2. Avery Seip 20
3. Erik Arguetta 17
3. Darren David 17
5. John Claman 16
6. Jay Korff 10
7. Graham Forsey 8
7. Mark Seip 8
9. Conor Dancy 7
10. Luis Filipe Dias 6
10. George Schulz Jr. 6
10.Ben Barnes 6
11. Usman Zafar 4
11.Scott Fulton 4
11.Pete Von Loewe 4
14.Dane Paris 3
15.Michael Hepp 2
15.Michael Edmonds 2
16.David Stuart 1
16.Jesper Frant 1

Open Field

Series Standings:

1. Michael Berry 23
1. Sam Kristy 23
3. Craig Etheridge 20
4. Matt Toigo 16
5. Jonathan Seibold 12
6. Jay Schrum 9
6. Adrian Alday 9
6. Matt Spohn 9
6. Curtis Alia 9
10.Frank Cundiff 7
11.Nathan Cristler 6
12.Alexander Hinton 4
13.Jay Owen 3
13.Chris Merriam 3
13.Michael Russo 3
16.Robert Hardison 2
16.Jon Carney 2
16.Eddie Hernandez 2
19. Ryan Von Dohlen 1
19. Matt Holmes 1
19.Zach Quinn 1


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