2018-2019 UCI Registered Cyclocross Team Rosters Posted

In January of 2017, the UCI introduced the creation of cyclocross specific teams. If everyone will please turn to article 5.5.001 in their UCI cyclocross bible, you will see that 5.5.001 defines a cyclocross team as “an entity consisting of a minimum of three riders, each of whom must be of the age of 19 years and older.” A UCI cyclocross team must include a minimum of one women rider. There is no minimum for the number of men on the team, which means an all-women squad is possible.

A rider who is already a member of another discipline’s UCI registered team, may be registered in a UCI cyclocross team if there is a signed agreement between the rider, the UCI cyclocross team and the “other discipline” team. The members of a UCI cyclocross team are employed or sponsored by the same entity, for the purpose of taking part in cyclocross events on the UCI international CX calendar.

The first question that seems to come up when seeing the list of UCI cyclocross teams is “hey, I don’t see ___________ on there. Can they no longer race UCI races?” The answer is that you do not need to be a registered team to participate, but registering will garner benefits that non-registered teams do not enjoy. These benefits are found in article 5.5.017. Let’s go there now:

UCI cyclocross teams registered with UCI receive benefits which include:

  • (a) advertising on leader’s jersey of the UCI cyclo-cross world cup as per article 5.3.023;
  • (b) name of the team on the entry / start lists and results / rankings edited during a UCI cyclo-cross world cup;
  • (c) 2 accreditations for the team managers zone in the pit area and 2 parking passes per UCI cyclo-cross team during UCI cyclo-cross world championships and UCI cyclo-cross world cup;
  • (d) mailing list providing a direct information from UCI;
  • (e) publication of the team’s name, composition, geographical and digital addresses on the UCI website;
  • (f) publication of the UCI cyclo-cross team ranking.

Riders who are members of a UCI registered team must be given a written contract that contains, as a minimum, the provisions of the standard contract that can be found in Annex 5 of the cyclocross regulations.

Now that the nuts and bolts are out of the way, here are a few interesting tidbits that can be gleaned from the team rosters listed below. First off, Tom Pidcock, who entered into a two year contract with the Telenet Fidea Lions, last year, has started his own team. Sven Nys and Pidcock separated amicably. According to a team statement, Nys said  that from the very first meetings with Tom we knew how he would like his career to build up and that he is a rider who is sought after by WorldTour teams. We have worked together in a nice way in the past year and we would have preferred it for another year. But when a team of that allure makes an offer, we do not want to stop Tom.” So it looks like by doing this, Pidcock is keeping his options open for his road racing career.

The other notable addition to the registered teams is the Trek Factory Racing CX team, the first-ever all women UCI registered cyclocross team. TFR CX will field a roster of three women: two-time world champ Evie Richards, world champ silver medalist Ellen Noble, and Trek Cyclocross Collective graduate Emma Swartz. 

There are 17 registered teams. Seven from Belgium, three from France, two from Spain, two from the United States, two from Italy and one from Great Britain.

And without further ado, get ready to peruse some rosters because here are your 2018-2019 Season teams:

Corendon-Circus (BEL)

CANT Sanne 08.10.1990 BEL
DEKKER Jens 13.12.1998 NED
MEEUSEN Tom 07.11.1988 BEL
MEISEN Marcel 08.01.1989 GER
TURNER Ben 28.05.1999 GBR
VAN DER POEL David 15.06.1992 NED
VAN DER POEL Mathieu 19.01.1995 NED

Crelan-Charles (BEL)

GODRIE Stan 09.01.1993 NED
KAPTHEIJNS Maud 28.09.1994 NED
MERLIER Tim 30.10.1992 BEL
VAN AERT Wout 15.09.1994 BEL

Delikia-Ginestar (ESP)

ESTEBAN AGUERO Ismael 16.09.1983 ESP
ORTS LLORET Felipe 01.04.1995 ESP


GOMEZ VILLAFANE Benjamin 18.06.2000 USA
KISSEBERTH Jack 09.03.1993 USA
POSTIER Dylan 05.11.1991 USA
RICHEY Craig 24.06.1984 CAN
VAN DEN HAM Michael 02.08.1992 CAN
ZAVETA Erica 06.09.1989 USA


BOROŠ Michael 09.08.1992 CZE
HOEKE Geerte 14.07.1990 NED
JACOBS Johan 01.03.1997 SUI
LOOCKX Lander 25.04.1997 BEL
MERLIER Braam 11.02.1994 BEL
ROMBOUTS Seppe 14.05.1998 BEL
VERMEERSCH Florian 12.03.1999 BEL
WOUTERS Sieben 23.06.1996 NED


HEIGL Nadja 15.02.1996 AUT
SAMPARISI Lorenzo 21.08.1993 ITA
SAMPARISI Nicolas 01.04.1992 ITA
SPADONI Gabriele 19.08.2000 ITA

Marlux-Bingoal (BEL)

DE CLERCQ Angelo 10.12.1991 BEL
DEBEIR Arno 12.07.1999 BEL
FRANCK Alicia 04.12.1994 BEL
ISERBYT Eli 22.10.1997 BEL
JOSEPH Thomas 06.12.1996 BEL
PAUWELS Kevin 12.04.1984 BEL
PAUWELS Tijl 24.08.1998 BEL
VANTHOURENHOUT Dieter 20.06.1985 BEL
VANTHOURENHOUT Michael 10.12.1993 BEL
VERDONSCHOT Laura 04.12.1996 BEL


ANIA GONZALEZ Daniel 14.08.1987 ESP
GONZALEZ BLANCO Lucia 09.07.1990 ESP


ADAMS Jens 05.06.1992 BEL
BELLENS Jarno 18.07.2000 BEL
CAMPS Jelle 05.04.1999 BEL
KOPECKY Tomas 08.04.2000 CZE
PEETERS Jinse 26.05.1999 BEL
PEETERS Yannick 15.11.1996 BEL
SELS Loes 25.07.1985 BEL
SOETE Daan 19.12.1994 BEL
SWEECK Diether 17.12.1993 BEL
SWEECK Laurens 17.12.1993 BEL
VANDEBOSCH Toon 19.06.1999 BEL
VERSCHUEREN Jolien 07.05.1990 BEL


DELBOVE Joris 15.07.2000 FRA
HUMBERT Valentin 03.09.1996 FRA
MOREL PETITGIRARD Marlène 02.05.1988 FRA
MOUREY Francis 08.12.1980 FRA
NAVARRO Quentin 09.03.1998 FRA


BARONI Francesca 04.11.1999 ITA
BERTOLINI Gioele 26.04.1995 ITA
DORIGONI Jakob 10.03.1998 ITA
SALA Stefano 25.03.1997 ITA


BONNE Jenko 22.04.1997 BEL
DERVEAUX Niels 17.03.1997 BEL
KUYPERS Gerben 01.02.2000 BEL
MUSEEUW Stefano 01.06.1997 BEL
UYTDEWILLIGEN Ingmar 08.10.1991 BEL
VAN COMPERNOLLE Kenneth 30.03.1988 BEL
VAN DE KERCKHOVE Nick 13.03.1996 BEL
VAN DE STEENE Kim 08.07.1986 BEL
VAN DEN EYNDE Vince 10.02.2000 BEL
VRACHTEN Arne 23.02.1999 BEL


BENOIST Antoine 06.08.1999 FRA
CHAINEL Steve 06.09.1983 FRA
CRISPIN Mickael 07.04.1998 FRA
GRAS Yan 07.01.1996 FRA
SPATZ Eléonore 27.05.1983 FRA


CANAL Fabien 04.04.1989 FRA
FALENTA Alois 23.02.1989 FRA
PETIT Marlène 01.04.1991 FRA
RIVET Benjamin 01.02.2000 FRA
THOMAS Victor 29.04.1998 FRA


AERNOUTS Jim 23.03.1989 BEL
AERTS Thijs 03.11.1996 BEL
AERTS Toon 19.10.1993 BEL
BEKAERT Yentl 18.07.1999 BEL
CLEPPE Nicolas 12.12.1995 BEL
GOEMAN Andreas 07.08.1999 BEL
HERMANS Quinten 29.07.1995 BEL
NAGENGAST Fleur 28.01.1998 NED
TRUYEN Marthe 30.09.1999 BEL
VAN DER HAAR Lars 23.07.1991 NED
VAN KESSEL Corne 07.08.1991 NED
VAN LOY Ellen 16.09.1980 BEL

TP Racing (GBR)

PIDCOCK Thomas 30.07.1999 GBR
TULETT Daniel 03.07.1999 GBR
WADSWORTH Emily 08.08.1999 GBR

Trek Factory Racing CX (USA)

NOBLE Ellen 03.12.1995 USA
RICHARDS Evie 11.03.1997 GBR
SWARTZ Emma 18.02.1997 USA

Feature photo: © 2017 Brett Rothmeyer


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