RenoCross Track Walk and Start Lists

Interbike moved from Las Vegas to Reno and CrossVegas made the move, too. Now called RenoCross, the mid-week night race makes its Reno debut tonight in the same park that hosted the first 2018 U.S. Cyclocross National Championship. Because this is a night race, the marquee feature of the Nationals course, the big off-camber, mountainbike-style wooded section is not on the RenoCross track. Instead we have a new flyover and wall ride and a deep sand pit.

Similar to CrossVegas this course is predominantly grass, but that doesn’t mean the racing won’t be exciting. The electricity of the nighttime industry crowd always gives these races an extra spark.

Race Predictors are always interesting to peruse because they use the data that’s available. So if someone hasn’t raced in a while, they aren’t going to be ranked high on the race predictor. We have a few instances of that for tonight’s race. Notable for the men, Jeremy Powers, who is battling sickness, won’t be lining up tonight or at the Trek World Cup. Caroline Mani, who is listed as predicted winner, also will not be lining up, tonight.

Katerina Nash is ranked really low in the race predictor. Tough to bet against her in this field. Likewise, Maghalie Rochette is completely ignored by the USAC algorithm despite sweeping Rochester Cyclocross. On the men’s side, Tobin Ortenblad comes in as the strong favorite. This will be our first time seeing Michael van dem Ham and Anthony Clark on U.S. soil, this season. And never count out the wily Geoff Kabush.

Livestream will be available via and recaps will be part of Crosshairs Television.

Wed 9/19/18 Cyclo-cross Women UCI ELITE WOMEN 18-99 Pro/Cat 1/2/3
Predicted Race Quality: 79.58
Place Name Team City, State Points
1 Caroline Mani Raleigh Clement Colorado Springs, CO 79.58
2 Crystal Anthony New England Bicycle Racing Association Newbury Park, CA 79.64
3 Courtenay McFadden Pivot/Maxxis pb Stans/DNA Cycling Bellingham, WA 81.28
4 Ruby West Rise Racing , 82.33
5 Cassandra Maximenko Van Dessel Factory Team Watertown, CT 86.46
6 Clara Honsinger Team S&M Pro CX Portland, OR 87.68
7 Amanda Nauman Laguna Hills, CA 88.48
8 Samantha Runnels Austin, TX 89.84
9 Jennifer Malik Columbus, OH 91.75
10 Rebecca Gross Golden, CO 97.68
11 Beth Ann Orton Point S Nokian Bend, OR 99.63
12 Caroline Nolan Chico, CA 106.98
13 Sarah Sturm Specialized – Tenspeed Hero Durango, CO 107.48
14 Kristen Legan Tenspeed Hero p/b Bitchstix Longmont, CO 114.36
15 Gabriella Sterne Vanderkitten CX (VKCX) Leesburg, VA 119.12
16 Emily Kachorek Sacramento, CA 122.99
17 Turner Ramsay Alpha Bicycle Co.- Groove Subaru Rutland, VT 125.88
18 Anne Usher Portland, OR 132.74
19 Chelsea Weidinger San Francisco, CA 140.40
20 Katerina Nash MTB PRO Team: Clif Pro Team Emeryville, CA 143.30
21 Campbell Steers Santa Cruz, CA 205.97
22 Monica LLoyd Olympia Orthopaedic Associates Olympia, WA 216.61
23 Lisa Cordova Cycle Sport – Specialized p/b Muscle Milk Chico, CA 241.83
24 Hannah Finchamp MTB PRO Team: Clif Pro Team Salt Lake City, UT 309.59
25 Nicole Jorgenson Boise, ID 430.94
26 Tori Riemersma Landis/Trek Tempe, AZ 506.26
27 Ivy Audrain Speedvagen Workshop Racing Team Portland, OR 532.99
28 Allison Baca Boulder, CO
28 Haley Batten MTB PRO Team: Clif Pro Team Park City, UT
28 Sofia GomezVillafane Stan’s Pivot Pro Team PB Maxxis ,
28 Serena Gordon Liv Co-Factory Off-Road Team Bend, OR
28 Maghalie Rochette CXFever p/b Specialized


Wed 9/19/18 Cyclo-cross Men UCI ELITE MEN 18-99 Pro/Cat 1/2/3
Predicted Race Quality: 71.53
Place Name Team City, State Points
1 Tobin Ortenblad Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association Santacruz, CA 71.53
2 Jeremy Powers New England Bicycle Racing Association Southampton, MA 71.71
3 Michael van den Ham Garneau-Easton Cycling , 74.78
4 James Driscoll Park City, UT 76.87
5 Anthony Clark Feeding Hills, MA 77.23
6 Lance Haidet UCI CT: Aevolo Cycling, Inc. San Luis Obispo, CA 77.23
7 Cody Kaiser LangeTwins / Specialized El Dorado Hills, CA 78.99
8 Brannan Fix Alpha Bicycle Co.- Groove Subaru Fort Collins, CO 79.35
9 Hector Fernando Riveros Paez CZ Racing Team Texas, TX 80.26
10 Bjorn Selander Hudson, WI 81.45
11 Allen Krughoff Chocolove Specialized Boulder, CO 81.73
12 Troy Wells TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling Durango, CO 81.99
13 Max Judelson Rock Lobster Berkeley, CA 82.59
14 Kevin Bradford-Parish Spokane, WA 85.60
15 Benjamin Gomez Villafane Garneau-Easton p/b Transitions LifeCare Scotts Valley, CA 92.06
16 Tristan Uhl Team CCR Roofing Austin, TX 101.35
17 Mark Flis Park City, UT 101.78
18 Stephan Davoust Durango, CO 103.41
19 Michael Potter Pactimo p/b Mock Orange Bikes Winston Salem, NC 104.39
20 Jules Goguely NBX Bikes Palo Alto, CA 105.86
21 Justin Thomas Reno Wheelmen Reno, NV 107.35
22 Molly Cameron Point S Nokian Portland, OR 112.36
23 Carl Decker Washington State Bicycle Association Bend, OR 116.33
24 Jon Okenfuss L5Flyers Cycling Team Suwanee, GA 123.64
25 William Allen Feedback Sports Racing Golden, CO 128.29
26 Sean Haidet Schnur Racing San Luis Obispo, CA 132.44
27 John Mundelius Alamo, CA 138.19
28 Allan Schroeder Boise, ID 147.99
29 Ryan Rinn San Francisco, CA 149.52
30 Stephen Cochran Loveland, CO 153.04
31 Brendan Lehman Santa Cruz, CA 160.58
32 Steve Ouzounian Reno Devo ( Reno Tahoe Junior Cycling) Reno, NV 181.27
33 Timber Weiss Reno, NV 192.07
34 Anastasio Flores La Selva Beach, CA 211.91
35 Gannon Myall Coureur – Canyon Elite Cycling Lafayette, CA 212.96
36 Christian Husband Team Velosport Junior & U23 Development – Rock n Road Cyclery Corona, CA 231.20
37 Sawyer Bosch Boise, ID 248.89
38 Noah Hayes Bear Development Team Oakland, CA 269.16
39 Nicholas Beechan MTB PRO Team: Trek Factory Racing Idyllwild, CA 269.68
40 Michael Lackey Hoover, AL 294.64
41 Russell Stevenson Trek Cyclocross Collective Seattle, WA 315.56
42 David McNeal D9 Foundation / DNA Race Team North Hollywood, CA 336.05
43 Clinton Claassen El Dorado Hills, CA 344.15
44 William Youngman Revs Road Race p/b Kinetic Cycles Rocklin, CA 352.55
45 Brad Nelson Coupeville, WA 367.64
46 Aaron Bradford Auburn, WA 428.28
47 Matthew Paez GEAR FIX Bend, OR 452.08
48 Lucas Strain Point S Nokian Portland, OR 471.49
49 Mark Severy Arcata, CA 490.31
50 Jerry Barton Placerville, CA 510.98
51 Dean Poshard San Rafael, CA 511.47
52 Geoff Kabush Yeti Maxxis Shimano ,
52 Marco Oberteicher RSV Gütersloh ,
52 Oleksiy Ukhanov Ternopil, TE
52 Tim Wollenberg Stevens Racing Team ,


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