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A little bit of a catch up post, here. I want to make sure the most recent Crosshairs Radio doesn’t get swept under the rug in the wave of content crossing my desk in the past weeks. It was a TDDTIE (They Don’t Do That In Europe) show with Scott Dedenbach and David Palan. But unlike most of the shows in that format we had a special guest, Julie Herrmann. Julie is the promoter of the upcoming Cincy Cyclocross weekend and a prolific race announcer. Along with sharing her knowledge of the sport at the highest level, we also had the opportunity to do a deep dive into OVCX racing and the upcoming Cincy C1/C2 event, now in a new/old location. We also touched on the recent race announcer controversy and the silver lining it created for more women announcers to take center stage.

Scott also chats with PanAm Champs and Silver Goose promoter John Hauser! This is a long episode, but hopefully it will go by quickly. We packed in a lot and the conversation with Scott and John is worth hanging around for.

Julie Herrmann is on Twtiter at @juliekherrm.

Scott Dedenbach is on Twitter at @cyclocrossnet.

Mr. David Palan is on Twitter at @mrdavidpalan.

The Silver Goose CX is on Twitter at @silvergoosecx

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Along with Crosshairs Radio, I’m also continuing to roll out Crosshairs Television episodes. The most recent being the Men’s C1 race from RenoCross. This series is a continuing work in progress that I hope is getting better with each episode. We are putting together an ambitious plan for next year and I’m really excited about the direction of this coverage. Give a watch and if you’re digging it, subscribe to the channel. Also, go to and become a member. Crosshairs Television is now part of the network, so you can direct your donation to that series along with your favorite podcasts. Thanks for watching. And thank you for your support.

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