UCI Announces Updated Cyclocross Regulations for 2019-2020

The UCI updated its regulations for next season during the UCI Management Committee meeting, which took place September 28 in Innsbruck. Those changes have been approved and are now public. Below is the verbatim text from the UCI dispatch. Some interesting developments regarding inclusion of a men’s junior race at all UCI events and an emphasis on the “10 foreign starters and 5 different nationalities” requirement for C1 events that has not been enforced previously but could have a huge impact on the U.S. cyclocross landscape.

Also, nations are now limited to two UCI Cyclocross series, which would seem to affect Belgium and potentially the U.S. In June, the UCI will publish a new points scale with more points available for continental championships, national championships and C1 events.


It is mandatory to organize a UCI Men Junior race at every event registered on the UCI Cyclo-cross international calendar. There is no minimum number of different riders’ nations requested in this category Men Junior.

The article 5.1.048 bis, obliging organizers to have only one race at the time on the course, will NOT apply to the Men Junior category.


Separate races for Men U23 won’t be authorized anymore during UCI Cyclo-cross events, except for the following events:

  • The UCI recognised Series
  • The National Championships
  • The Continental Championships
  • The UCI Cyclo-cross World Cups
  • The UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships

For every other event of the UCI Cyclo-cross calendar, the Men Elite and Men Under 23 will race together, only one result will be established.



An event can only do a request of upgrade to class 1 if the previous season’s race had at least 10 foreign starters, representing at least 5 different nationalities (total cumulated for Men Elite, Men U23 and Women races) (Article 5.1.004). The UCI will then evaluate the possibility of an upgrade.


A class 1 event which would not respect the above mentioned in 2018-2019 will automatically get the class 2 status for the 2019-2020 season. Exception for the events which were class 1 in the 2017-2018 season and received the organization of the National Championships in 2018-2019.

As a reminder, during class 1 events the double pit area is mandatory and must be equipped with boxes (Article 5.1.028).


A written request must be done to the UCI for the organisation of a ‘’Series’’ as per Article 1.2.026 of the UCI regulation. Furthermore, the following obligations must be respected:

  • The Series must be organised or approved by their National Federation
  • A Cyclo-cross Series can count a maximum of eight rounds
  • A maximum of two Series by National Federation will be accepted
  • The first 3 riders at least of the Overall Standings for Men Elite and Women must receive a prize money. This prize must be equal for the two categories Men Elite and Women.


A new points scale will be introduced for the 2019-2020 Cyclo-cross season, with more points awarded to Men Elite and Women in CC, CN and C1 events. The new scale will be published in June 2019.


For your information, the dates of the 2019-2020 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cups are still under discussion and will not be published before 30 November.


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