Cameron Mason | Superprestige Gavere VLOG

Cameron Mason is an up-and-coming 18-year-old Scottish mountain bike and cyclocross racer who has put together a privateer CX program and set off to experience the biggest races in the world. He started in October racing the U23 category at Lokeren, Gieten and Ardooie. He stepped up to the bigs recently and raced the DVV Niel race with the men’s elite and followed that up with the Superprestige Gavere race this past weekend. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“I had done a few Belgian races in 2017/18 as a junior and was blown away by the level and scale of it all. This year the goal is to immerse myself in the racing and gain as much experience as possible. I am a first year U23 this season so it’s pretty hard racing with all the big guys and with the likes of MvdP and WVA at races with no specific U23 race. I am really enjoying it so far, learning so much and progressing every race. I have also been filming my experiences and sharing what it is like to be racing at the top level in Europe in front of the passionate Belgian fans!”

As Cameron mentions, he’s been filming his adventures in a fun to watch Vlog. From between the barriers race action to sideline shots and (my personal favorite) the GoPro in the pits view, the vlog is a great inside look at racing in the motherland. From the muddy conditions to the constant bike changes and chaotic dashes by dad to the bike wash station, it’s worth a look.

Here’s the latest from Gavere:

And here’s the episode from Niel:

You can check out the rest of his videos and subscribe to his channel here.

Feature Photo: © 2018 Tom Mann


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