Cyclocross Radio Ep 130 | Miki Vuckovich

For episode 130 Cyclocross Radio we are taking a quick break from race coverage for a conversation with Miki Vuckovich, executive director of the Tony Hawk Foundation (, world renowned skateboarding photographer, and age group cyclocross racer.

It was great catching up with Miki during DCCX weekend and chatting about his life and adventures. You can find more about Miki at While there, check out his photo book The Atom Bomb and Other Pleasant Dreams.

Also, check out a great photo essay and article on Miki recently published by CXHAIRS contributor Brett Rothmeyer over at Dirt Rag:

Seeing Red: Revolution Day parade assembles behind the Museum Of Religion And Atheism (former Kazan Cathedral), Leningrad, U.S.S.R. – November 7, 1990 © Miki Vuckovich

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Feature Image: Police riot squad block access to the site of the Bolshevik Revolution, Palace Square, St. Petersburg, Russia – November 7, 1992 © Miki Vuckovich


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  1. “Oh Mickey, you’re so fi…..”
    oh wait… 😛
    Great listen!! Thanks for sharing this chat with everyone, Bill!

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