USA Cycling Announces U23 and Men’s Junior CX Worlds Rosters

USA Cycling announced, today, the rosters for the U23 and junior men’s team that will compete in the 2019 Cyclocross World Championships this February in Bogense, Denmark.

“Among the competitors are several [2018-2019] National Champions, crowned at the USA Cycling National Championships in Louisville, Ky.:Clara Honsinger (Portland, OR – Team S&M Cyclocross), Spencer Petrov (McKinney, Tex.; Cannondale p/b, Alex Morton (Saint Clair, Mich.; Cannondale p/b and Katie Clouse (Hideout, Utah.; Alpha Bicycle Co / Groove Subaru), as well as three 2018 Pan American Champions: HosingerMagnus Sheffield (Pittsford, N.Y.; Cannondale p/b andGage Hecht (Parker, Colo.; Alpha Bicycle Co / Groove Subaru),” USA Cycling announced.

“I am really excited about the level of talent and ability in these young riders that are representing USA Cycling at the 2019 UCI Cyclocross World Championships,” said Jesse Anthony, Cyclocross Manager for USA Cycling, “I believe their massive investments this season will produce big performances in Bogense, and I couldn’t be more proud of these young riders for the commitment they’ve shown to this sport.”

UPDATE: after releasing the below rosters, many questioned USA Cycling’s decision to name only four of the six spots available for U23 women. I spoke with Kelly Fox, USA Cycling Manager of Marketing and Communications, who said “the discretionary selections are only for athletes deemed to be current or future medal capable by our coaches and approved by the selection committee.”

Fox added that “based on the fact that [Madigan Munro] will be a junior in the first Junior Worlds for women and is performing as she is currently, we felt she was future medal capable.”

Munro, according to Fox, was the only one the selection committee deemed to be future medal capable from the athletes who petitioned.

We are hoping to receive more clarity on the selection process and decision-making in the coming days and will keep you posted.

The Team USA roster is as follows:*

U23 Men:**

Gage Hecht (Parker, Colo.; Alpha Bicycle Co / Groove Subaru)

Spencer Petrov (McKinney, Tex.; Cannondale p/b

Brannan Fix (Fort Collins, Colo.; Alpha Bicycle Co / Groove Subaru)

Lance Haidet (San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Donnelly Pro Cyclocross)

Sam Noel (Shelburne, Vt..; Cannondale p/b )

Cooper Willsey (Hinesburg, Vt.; Cannondale p/b

U23 Women: 

Clara Honsinger (Portland, OR – Team S&M Cyclocross)  

Katie Clouse (Hideout, Utah; Alpha Bicycle Co / Groove Subaru)

Emma Swartz (Madison, Wisc.; Trek Factory Racing)

Maddie Munro (Boulder, Colo.; Boulder Junior Cycling)

Junior Men:

Magnus Sheffield (Pittsford, N.Y.; Cannondale p/b

Alex Morton (Saint Clair, Mich.; Cannondale p/b

Nick Carter (Minneapolis, Minn.; KCCX Elite Cyclocross Team)

Andrew Strohmeyer (Mount Airy, Md.; CTS Cycling Team)

Jared Scott (Boulder, Colo.; Boulder Junior Cycling)

Lucas Stierwalt (Maineville, Ohio; Lionhearts Junior Racing)

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Elite teams scheduled to be announced January 22.

**EDITOR’S NOTE: Eric Brunner was offered a spot on the U23 roster and declined the invitation.


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