U.S. Cyclocross Nationals may have been a few weeks back, but in the same way racers are still finding mud in their gear, we’re still finding stories to tell from that unforgettable week in Louisville, Kentucky.

Going into the season, my goal with cyclocross television was to “broadcast” race recap and commentaries of the biggest cyclocross races in the U.S. that did not have television coverage. With the help of Maxxis Tires, I covered all of the U.S. UCI C1 races, which you can find here. For the C2 races, my focus changed from analytical to creative. Those were my days to search for the new angles. To tell the story in a manner different than an x and o recap of how the race played out. I started calling these “minisodes.”

For Cyclocross Nationals, the livestream operation is legit. Trying to create play-by-play commentary was going to pale in comparison to what is already being done on-site with a dozen cameras and a dedicated broadcast team. With that off the table, it meant I got to play. And it was so much fun to do so.

Having Julie and Scot Herrmann on site providing top-notch announcing meant that I could blend their “in the moment” call of the race with my footage. This is a luxury you don’t get at every race.

So here they are. The minisodes, so far. If you enjoy the videos, please take a second to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss what’s next. I still have a few more of these to edit.

Also, please share. Let YOUR cyclocross friends know that these exist. Thank you.

Women’s Elite

Men’s Elite



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