The Big Picture | Hoogerheide World Cup

[Ed. Note: New Belgian-based CXHAIRS contributor, Ryan Le Garrec, was at the Hoogerheide World Cup this past Sunday. He shares some words and and a unique photo perspective from the Dutch classic. For more, you can follow Ryan on Instagram at @ryan_le_garrac. 

THE most beautiful sport in the world …

I used to think boxing was the finest form of art and basketball was as gracious as ballet,

but yes, Cyclocross is the most beautiful sport in the world, for so many reasons.

The crowd for one, there are not many supporters who’ll stand under the rain and scream your name at the top of their lungs in freezing temperatures, feet in the mud.

The performers, yes this a performance, so close, so accessible, you could touch them or maybe better talk to them, you can smell them if you’re into that kinda thing.

There is no frontier between the actors and the spectators, there is no backstage but an area you can hang in and feel the tension rising before the race.

The circus, yes it’s a hell of a show with stunts, animals, music and beers. The sport goes around like a big gipsy caravan, a bunch of camping vans and tents, no one escapes the cold and rain out here.

The show. This is beauty, this is CX.

All photos © 2019 Ryan Le Garrec


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