The Big Picture | CXWORLDS Saturday

It’s midnight in Denmark and we’ve crowned three new Cyclocross World Champions. The Brits dominated early, taking titles in the junior and U23 men’s fields. And in the premiere event, Sanne Cant confirmed she is one of the greats, winning her third straight rainbow jersey.

I still haven’t actually watched the races, instead spending the day concentrating on the photo taking side of the CXHAIRS Media gig. Here are my first pass selects from the day. Get some sleep. Another big day, tomorrow, cyclocross friends.

Strengthening US and Danish diplomatic relations mid-pack of the men’s junior race. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Pelotons, echelons, getting ridden into the gutter. This may have been cyclocross, but there were a lot of road racing skills needed to succeed in this one. © 2019 Bill Schieken
The church on the hill is the center piece of the Bogense venue. Pro tip: the locals DO NOT like it when you walk on their church wall. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Where’s Waldo? Seriously. Find him. He’s in the photo; © 2019 Bill Schieken
I came here for the big waves on the sea wall. I wish I was better with PhotoShop. The waves have been very small. © 2019 Bill Schieken
These are really confused Vikings. They are from Belgium and support Annemarie Worst, a Dutch rider, and Alice Marie Arzuffi, an Italian. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Once you figure this place out, it has some really nice views. © 2019 Bill Schieken
The photographers’ peloton kept to the high ground. it was the best place to get these crowd shots. © 2019 Bill Schieken
More crowd shots from on high. And another look at Gage Hecht. © 2019 Bill Schieken
The cable cam is so cool. The length of the run is truly impressive. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Team Iceland, shown here in its entirety, quickly became a crowd favorite. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Time for a photoshoot with the TPR photographer, before heading to the finish for the rainbow jersey. © 2019 Bill Schieken
caption contest. © 2019 Bill Schieken
The one thing about the hill that dominates the venue is that it isn’t parallel with the water, which means either the hill line or the water line are not going to be level. This messes with my OCD. I like this shot because it’s the one place I found in which all of the lines are level. ©2019 Bill Schieken
Slick as snot. I heard that more than once for a description of this off-camber. The Danish actually have 30 words for snot …. I made that up. It’s no more than six. © 2019 Bill Schieken
When he decided to go, it was over. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Rubbin’ is Racin’. Never more so when a run in with your teammates wheel gives you a bloody lip. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Vanishing point. A cyclocross perspective. © 2019 Bill Schieken
The Dutch spent the women’s race on the defensive. And riding as a trio. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Helen Wyman in the middle of the first lap chaos. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Sanne did a lot of damage off the bike. © 2019 Bill Schieken
Jolanda Neff was right off the front group all day. Late mechanicals cost her a bit. Hope she’s back next season. © 2019 Bill Schieken
One last check behind to make sure there are no surprises. © 2019 Bill Schieken
And Sanne Cant takes the win for World Championship number three. © 2019 Bill Schieken

7 thoughts on “The Big Picture | CXWORLDS Saturday

  1. Is this a Moots titanium bike that the american #34 is riding?
    Unusual sighting at CX worlds but a much appreciated one!

  2. So Neff did have a mechanical? She disappeared rapidly, and wasn’t sure if the pace was just too high, or a flat or something. Bummer.

  3. I saw Neff slip out in a corner and go down briefly near the pits about mid-race. After that she made contact again but it seemed to have taken away her edge. Perhaps she had a mechanical but I did not see any immediate issue from the minor fall I witnessed.

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