Cyclocross Radio Ep. 142 | The Cat 5 Show?

Trying something a little different, this week. It’s just me, your cyclocross friend, Bill, coming at you with a solo ep. I’m calling it the Cat 5 show because the goal was to keep it around 35 minutes. I failed at that, though, so I may have to call it the Cat 3/4 show, instead.

For the episode, I revisit the UCI announcement about UCI CX teams requiring at least one woman and one man and the feedback from last week’s show. I also preview the PRO XCT and dig into some viewer mail.

TWO CORRECTIONS: (1) Luke who created Rouleur Derby is from Chicago and not Minnesota. (2) The DVV junior women’s series will be 4 races not the entire DVV series.

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One thought on “Cyclocross Radio Ep. 142 | The Cat 5 Show?

  1. I am glad that there is still some CX content for those of us who cannot get over the 2018/19 season being over (and 19/20 seeming so far away). Good show thankyou.

    I dont think the idea of a short or qualifying CX race to determine the grid position on the race proper will make much difference as riders such as MVP will never start that far back on the main race and will soon make their way to the front. A handicap or short race in its own right (dont know how it would fit in the schedule) might produce a different result.

    Good points on the equality issue with UCI CX teams. Womens UCI races have recently been more exiting than mens and with better pay outs we will hopefully get even more riders and the developments with junior womens events are exiting. With the plans to have longer elite women’s races the move to equality in other respects will hopefully speed up.

    I understand the point about it seeming strange that UCI CX teams should have at least one man or one woman rider. It clearly needs to be clear that a women’s team doesnt need one male rider. However, with new all women teams including Trek and Esperza CX Pro and with your comments previously that there might only be a single token woman on men’s teams why not also remove the requirement for a female rider on men’s CX teams. Female riders seem to be attracting sponsors interested in creating teams (on the road One Pro Cycling have even switched from a mens team to a womens). This move would also address the concerns of people that want equality in the rules and why would any new teams not want female riders why would current men’s teams not want to keep the women they already have, who are part of creating the excitement we see in women’s cyclocross currently. Telenet Fidea currently have 3 female riders. Just a thought

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