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There’s an overused line about NASCAR and the Daytona 500 that goes something like “NASCAR is the only sport that opens the season with the Super Bowl.” That line pops into my head every year the Jingle Cross | Trek CX Cup double World Cup road trip happens.

There are certainly big events at the end of the season, but cyclocross in North America definitely front loads the calendar with some doozies.

If you haven’t experienced either World Cup event, you need to. If you have? Do it again. We can gripe about who is or who isn’t racing, but that really doesn’t matter. The ability to see world class cyclocross racing up close and personal is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

The Jingle Cross weekend was jam packed with cyclocross goodness and we are expecting the same in Waterloo at Trek. Covering these events can be overwhelming but it sure as heck beats sitting at home. Along with our friends at Cyclocross Magazine, I think we are doing a pretty good job giving you, our cyclocross friends, an immersive look at North American cyclocross at its finest.

Newly cooked up for this year is the CX Heat Check Power Rankings. In the absence of a US or even North American national series, we started the CX Heat Check to try and make sense of the cyclocross season. Ranking the top 11 men and top 11 women racers in a fun, but hopefully meaningful, way has been a blast so far. If you haven’t checked it out, here’s the latest Voler Apparel CX Heat Check Power Rankings.

Along with the Heat Check videos, we have also been producing some of our best race coverage on the Cyclocross Radio podcast. With Cyclocross Magazine editor Zach Schuster coming on board as a frequent contributor, and with knowledgable guest such as Micheal Boedigheimer from Yeah You Ride!, I believe we are delivering the most complete race recap analysis out there. If Cyclocross Radio is not currently in you queue, now’s the time to re-up:


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2 thoughts on “Cyclocross Content Round Up | Iowa City World Cup

  1. Not big on humility as you keep saying how good you are. But I am enjoying everthing; radio, videos of US cross races and heat check. I keeping wanting to add things you have missed but perhaps it shows how engaging it all is. I hope you continue the track walks which have always been good and added a bit more insight to watching cross races. Brilliant job.

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