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We’re all back home after two weeks of the annual whirlwind cyclocross extravaganza that encompasses the Iowa City and Waterloo World Cups. We will be talking about it for some time since the ramifications of these races will impact the World Cup and the North American cyclocross landscape for the next few weeks, if not longer.

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To keep up with all of the important performances between the tape this season, we’ve put together the Voler Apparel CX Heat Check Power Rankings. You can watch them all at or just jump in with the latest episode and back track from there.

For more in-depth coverage of the Trek CX Cup and Waterloo World Cup, along with a follow-up on Jingle Cross, check out the latest Cyclocross Radio podcast with Zach Schuster from Cyclocross Magazine, Micheal Boedigheimer of Yeah You Ride! Lots of great nuggets in this one.


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Finally, check out the latest GROADIO podcast with Zach Schuster and Amanda Nauman. Great stuff for the gravel racer and the gravel curious:

You can find GROADIO, Cyclocross Radio and many other great shows over at Subscribe! And become a member of the Wide Angle Podium community.


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