Cyclocross Radio | Stephen Hyde at Rapha DC

For episode 162 of Cyclocross Radio we are live on tape from the Rapha DC Clubhouse with US Cyclocross national Champion and Cannondale Cyclocrossworld athlete, Stephen Hyde. On the thursday evening preceding DCCX weekend, Hyde took us back to his early days of racing and the pivotal role the DC scene played in shaping his future. We also talked about the current state of US and world cyclocross and where we can go from here.

Stephen is on instagram at @stephenhyde.

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2 thoughts on “Cyclocross Radio | Stephen Hyde at Rapha DC

  1. Nice interview with SH. It’s nice to be able to listen and keep up with whats happening in the scene!
    Strange time in Louisville…it’s cross season and we have no cross…what a ride it was!
    Keep up the good work and keep the faith!

  2. Hi

    NIce/natural/ chirpy interview.

    My CXHairs Heatcheck ratings (from 1 downwards):

    1) CX Heat Check Power Ratings. Brilliant. Good production values, brilliant use of clips, funny and also very informative if you want a quick update on who is going well. Quirky that it was to measure the performance of riders competing in North America so it included Europeans early in the season who raced in the World Cups but now includes North American riders not riding in North America at all currently but perhaps that adds to its quirkiness.

    2)Track walks. Brilliant and good production values.

    3) Cyclocross Radio. Very enjoyable but perhaps (and understandably) North American centric and a bit thin on European coverage, detail and facts (am I being a bit harsh).

    4) Race highlight videos. Brilliant. Shorter and less regular than they used to be but still very good production values.

    Regards, a European

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