Monday Morning Media

Happy Monday, cyclocross friends! If you’re catching up from the holiday weekend and looking for what you may have missed, here are a few items that won’t take too much time to consume.

First, is the latest episode of Cyclocross Radio with Keith Garrison, the Rainey Park Cross race organizer. Garrison has a great story of grassroots cyclocross racing in New York City, and the biggest race organizers in the world sometimes collide. It’s only 30 minutes of your time and will feel like five.

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Along with this easily consumable CX Radio ep, there’s also a new Voler Apparel CX Heat Check Power Rankings ep available. We know you’re busy so we took our normal Heat Check formula and concentrated into a bite-sized 3.5 minute ep. More pop-culture references than any other cyclocross ranking video series out there, guaranteed.

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