The Big Picture: Koksijde World Cup – Elite Races

A look back at the Elite races of the Koksijde World Cup held on November 24. This year’s course was modified and extended compared with recent editions and the speculation was that it was in order to prevent a certain Dutch rider from lapping too many riders. The modifications worked if that was the intent but of course the outcome in the men’s race was fairly predictable. In the women’s race the Dutch also reigned with Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado taking her first Elite World Cup ahead of four other Dutchwomen. All photos © 2019 Ethan Glading.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Women on the first run-up

The first run-up. Shortly after the hole-shot the women hit the first steep dune. The race is all together but this one obstacle is enough to create a big accordion effect. Faster riders with a bad start position will have a lot of ground to make up.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - C

By the end of the first lap Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado is already on the front of the race followed closely by her compatriot, Yara Kastelijn.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Shannon Mallory

USA Cycling and NWCX Project rider Shannon Mallory remounts at the top of a steep sandy descent. Mallory would go on to finish on the lead lap in her first European World Cup.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Inge van der Heijden

Inge van der Heiden runs a long flat sand section. Van der Heiden finished just off the podium in fourth place, contributing to the Dutch domination. Five of the top five finishers were Dutch.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Anna Kay

British rider Anna Kay uses the crowd barriers to help her ride a section that many were forced to run. Kay is wearing the skinsuit of the U23 World Cup leader.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Katie Keough

Katie Keough remounts on the edge of a serious drop-off. Keough and her husband Luke have relocated to Europe for the bulk of the 2019/2020 Cyclocross season. Keough would go on to finish in 19th place.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Caroline Mani

Caroline Mani rides over a short but steep climb. Mani has been traveling to all of the World Cups this season and she is in the top ten in the overall standings after five rounds.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Katie Compton

Katie Compton shows her prowess at riding the deep sand. Just days before the World Cup Compton hosted the USA Cycling juniors camp at her preferred sand training ground to give them some lessons in how it is done.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Katerina Nash

World Cup leader Katerina Nash at the finish. Nash finished in 14th and in doing so protected her lead over Anna Kay. Nash currently leads by 40 points.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado

Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado takes the win. As her supporters club looks on.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Amandine Fouquenet

Amandine Fouquenet is helped by a soigneur from the French Cycling Federation after the finish. Fouquenet left it all on the course for her 33rd place finish.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado

Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado having fun on the podium. After a number of U23 and Elite podiums the victory is her first in a World Cup.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Joris Nieuwenhuis

Joris Nieuwenhuis leads the pack into the iconic rolling dunes on lap one. After a strong start Nieuwenhuis would end up in 21st place.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Eli Iserbyt

World Cup overall leader Eli Iserbyt runs through the deep sand. Iserbyt finished the race in 13th place and kept his overall lead in the series.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Fly-over

Joris Nuiwenhuis, followed closely by Laurens Sweeck, continues to lead the race as them come over the fly-over for the second time.

UCI World Cup Koksijde

The Elite Men make their back through the long rolling dune section for the second time past some Catalonian fans.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Marcel Meisen

Marcel Meisen remounts in a deep sandy corner. Meisen finished seventh in the race.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Andrew Juliano

Drew Juiliano commits to the rut in the deep sand.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Laurens Sweeck

Laurens Sweeck shoulders his bike around a corner. Sweeck finished second in the race and is sixth overall in the World Cup.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Mathieu van der Poel

Mathieu van der Poel wasted no time making his way to the front of the race and rolling away from everyone.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Quentin Hermans

Quentin Hermans leads the Telenet-Baloise chase of van der Poel. Hermans would hang on for a fifth place finish in the race and Toon Aerts would finish third.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Telenet-Baloise

Quentin Hermans, Corne van Kessel and Toon Aerts chasing MVDP.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Max Judelson

Hairy-legged Max Judelson dismounts on a short steep hill despite having gears on his bike.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Eli Iserbyt

World Cup leader Eli Iserbyt on a treacherous descent into a corner.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Felipe Orts

Spanish champion Felipe Orts crests a dune and prepares for the descent. Orts finished in 26th and was the third non-Benelux rider.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Mathieu van der Poel

MVDP wins his third Duinencross Koksijde in a row. In 2012, racing in the junior field, he posted the fastest lap of the day, two seconds faster than Sven Nys’s fastest lap in the Elites race.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Tom Pidcock

Tom Pidcock looking overheated at the finish despite the cool temperatures. Pidcock finished the race in 10th place.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - David van der Poel

David van der Poel after the finish. The elder van der Poel brother finished in 12th place.

UCI World Cup Koksijde - Mathieu van der Poel

Mathieu van der Poel at the end of a long press conference.

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