The Big Picture | Namur World Cup – Women

A cold wet day in Namur saw continuing Dutch domination in the women’s field. The beginning of the women’s race was around the time when the rain began to fall steadily and the course conditions began to (further) erode. Katerina Nash ceded some ground to Del Carmen Alvarado in the overall standings but held on to her overall World Cup lead.

UCI World Cup Namur

The start of the women’s race. The women’s field was the largest of the day with 85 women toeing the line.

Anna Kay- UCI World Cup Namur

U23 World Cup leader Anna Kay chases Yara Kastelijn and Ceylin Carmen del Alvarado on the first lap.

Caroline Mani - UCI World Cup Namur

Caroline Mani. Early in the women’s race the rain was just starting to come down heavier and the umbrellas started popping up. Mani finished finished in 17th place.

Lucinda Brand - UCI World Cup Namur

Lucinda Brand trying to hold on to the one line through the off-camber.

UCI World Cup Namur

Lucinda Brand. Once riders came off the line they invariably drifted toward the lower fencing and were forced to dismount. That is, if they didn’t crash.

Ceylin Carmen del Alvarado - UCI World Cup Namur

Ceylin Carmen del Alvarado. Alvarado finished the race in 2nd after failing to capitalize on some mistakes by Brand.

Raylyn Nuss - UCI World Cup Namur

Raylyn Nuss. The former Central Methodist University basketball star is riding her first European campaign.

Annemarie Worst - UCI World Cup Namur

Annemarie Worst rode in over a minute behind winner Lucinda Brand but managed to hang on to a podium spot. She rounded out a trio of Dutch riders on the Namur podium.

Katerina Nash - UCI World Cup Namur

Katerina Nash finished the day in 5th place and held on to her overall World Cup lead.

Rebecca Fahringer - UCI World Cup Namur

Rebecca Fahringer took a spill on the steep mud chute. This chute was the scene of many crashes throughout the day including two race-changing ones in the final race of the day. Fahringer got up quickly and recovered well to grab a top-10 finish.

Alice Maria Arzuffi - UCI World Cup Namur

Alice Maria Arzuffi is passed by her compatriot Eva Lechner as she picks up her bike following a crash. Arzuffi finished the race in 20th place. Lechner finished in 13th.

Alicia Franck - UCI World Cup Namur

Alicia Franck runs the umbrella gauntlet.

Lucinda Brand - UCI World Cup Namur

Lucinda Brand rides onto the finish straight and high fives the crowd. She finishes the race with a 16-second gap over second place.

Lucinda Brand - UCI World Cup Namur

Lucinda Brand takes the win in Namur.

Rebecca Fahringer - UCI World Cup Namur

Rebecca Fahringer at the finish. Fahringer finished in an impressive 8th place, third among a trio of American women in the top 10.

Amandine Fouguenet - UCI World Cup Namur

Amandine Fouquenet, who finished in 40th place, was one of the riders most visibly affected by the cold and wet conditions. She appeared to be in considerable distress at the finish.

Ruby West - UCI World Cup Namur

Ruby West. West rides for Pivot-Maxxis but on this trip the U23 rider is being supported by Canadian Cycling. West, who finished in 34th place, was among a small number of riders who weathered the conditions well and seemed in good spirits at the finish.

Anna Kay - UCI World Cup Namur

Anna Kay. The U23 world cup leader finished in 30th place.


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