The Big Picture – A Year In Black and White

At this point in January, you might be thinking, “Isn’t it a bit too late for a best of 2019?!” Dear reader, you’re probably right, but I hope you’ll give a gander to a selection of my favorite black and white images. Indulge me, cyclocross friends, as I’ve posted quite a bit of road shots, but I think they’re striking enough to hold your attention until we get to the mud.

Logan Phippen at the start line of the Sunny King criterium.
Thomas Gibbons, Daniel Holloway and an Elevate-KHS rider in the break at the Sunny King criterium.
A fan watches the jumbotron while Frank Travieso rolls by.
Tulsa Tough kicks off with the Blue Dome District Criterium in downtown Tulsa, OK.

A spectator checks out an exhibit while the Tulsa Art District Criterium races in the background.
Samantha Fox on her way to victory in the Red Bull Last Stand.
Skylar Schneider leads the field up Cry Baby Hill.
Spectators literally make it rain while the men’s race crests Cry Baby Hill.
The startline of the Littleton Twilight Criterium in Colorado.
The women’s field bunches up on the backside of the Littleton Twilight Criterium.
Miguel Bryon at the start line of the Littleton Twilight Criterium.
Steve Cullen watches the race on the jumbotron while directing his team, Butcher Box.
Fans take a seat at the Littleton Twilight Criterium.
Justin Williams and Natalia Franco Villegas after the Littleton Twilight Criterium.
Raylyn Nuss after the Friday night C2 at Jingle Cross in Iowa City, IA.
Lander Loockx and Steve Chainel sprint for line at the Jingle Cross Friday night C2.
Katerina Nash warms up before the start of the Jingle Cross World Cup.
Believe it or not, there are two riders in the barn at the Jingle Cross World Cup. Toon Aerts and Eli Iserbyt.
Nicolas Cleppe makes his way down Mt. Krumpit at Sunday’s C1 at Jingle Cross.
Stephen Hyde adrift in the snow fencing at Sunday’s C1 at Jingle Cross.
This Aerts climbs past a fan during Sunday’s C1 at Jingle Cross.
Curtis White is refreshed. Jingle Cross.
Jenn Jackson between the tape and amongst the trees at Trek Cup.
Thibau Nys flairs it out on the way to victory at Trek Cup.
Lukas Winterberg wore a long sleeve skinsuit the entire time he raced in the States. Trek Cup.
Caroline Mani and Sunny Gilbert before the Trek World Cup.
Katerina Nash wins a muddy World Cup in Waterloo, WI.
Eli Iserbyt at the startline of World Cup Waterloo.
Stephen Hyde post World Cup Waterloo.
That’s a wrap. Crystal Anthony after the Jingle Cross World Cup.

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