2020 PROGRVL Gravel and Groad Calendar

Last week, the Groadio podcast announced the only national gravel calendar you care about.

The 2020 Groadio National Calendar features 10 gravel and groad races spanning March to early September. However, with only 10 events, it was inevitable that many top-notch events would be left in the gravel wilderness.

Enter the 2020 PROGRVL calendar, a list of 15* more gravel events you should definitely care about this season.

(*) Races and number of races are subject to change at the whim of the Groadio podcast

Unlike the National Calendar, the PROGRVL calendar was open to events both new and old. Among the new events on the PROGRVL calendar are the Sea Otter Classic gravel race in April and the new Lifetime event Big Sugar that takes place in October. The PROGRVL calendar also goes international with Paris to Ancaster in Ontario and The Rift in Iceland.

With the start of the gravel season open to debate, the PROGRVL calendar throws another twist in the debate by declaring January’s Texas Chainring Massacre as the start of PROGRVL gravel as a complement to the Mid South’s start to National Calendar gravel.

In a stroke of good timing, the calendar also includes Saturday’s Super Sweetwater Grasshopper series race you can apparently read about in GRVL News.

The full 2020 PROGRVL calendar is below. Follow the Groadio podcast this summer for coverage of both the National and PROGRVL Calendars.

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2020 PROGRVL Calendar


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