Groadio Power Rankings: The Calm Before the Gravel Storm

The Texas Chainring Massacre unofficially kicked off the gravel season and the #PROGRVL calendar back in January, and this weekend, the Mid South in Oklahoma signals the start of “gravel season,” whatever that means.

To celebrate the first big gathering of many of the discipline’s top racers and the start of the only gravel calendar you care about, the Groadio National Calendar, the Groadio podcast returns with the first Power Rankings of the 2020 gravel season.

What goes into the Power Rankings? Good results definitely help, along with a track record of racing well over time. It also helps to get out there and race, especially races on the OFFICIAL National Calendar, because calendar, care about, only one, and all that.

Groadio co-hosts Amanda Nauman and Zach Schuster crunched the numbers, ran the Monte Carlo simulations, and maybe threw a few darts to arrive at the rankings heading into the Mid South.

Did we get it wrong? Let us know what you think. Feeling slighted? Race well at the big races, and there is a good chance Groadio Power Ranking glory awaits.

For in-depth discussion about the rankings, tune in to the latest episode of the Groadio podcast where we break down the picks one by one.

Men’s Preseason Power Rankings

10. Tinker Juarez
9. Phil Tinstman
8. Payson McElveen
7. Colin Strickland
6. John Borstelmann
5. Ted King
4. Dylan Johnson
3. Geoff Kabush
2. Mat Stephens
1. Peter Stetina

Women’s Preseason Power Rankings

10. Kristen Faulkner
9. Emily Newsom
8. Sarah Max
7. Jess Cerra
6. Alison Tetrick
5. Amy Charity
4. Amanda Nauman
3. Lauren Stephens
2. Amity Rockwell
1. Kae Takeshita


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  1. Alaskan Gravel Riders: Even if not strictly eligible you need to acknowledge Lael Wilcox, no?

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