The Rough Draft

We are all too aware of the dearth of bike racing happening, right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create new content. The trick is finding a way to do this that is fun for us as well as you. With that in mind, we present to you The Rough Draft. A cycling YouTube show modeled after The Ringer’s NBA Desktop that gives you a fast-paced look at what’s going on in cycling.

For now, what’s going on in cycling is narrowed to social media accounts and online racing, but that doesn’t mean those areas can’t be mined for the comedy gold that lies within. That is what Zach, Bill and Micheal from The Cyclocross Radio Media Pit, along with The Slow Ride Podcast’s Tim “The Super Rookie” Hayes have done.

We’re two episodes in. Check them out. If you dig it, please share with your friends. And, also, subscribe to the CXHAIRS YouTube page to get notified when the next one comes out.


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