More Beef In The Pit And The CX Heat Check Rolls On

With the battle for the ages between Wout and MvdP at Flanders still fresh in our minds, it could not go without saying that Beef Season continued full on. Micheal, Zach and Bill (with possible surprise guest) got together to dissect the aftermath and if the balance of power in the biggest beef of them all had shifted.

But before we get to Cyclocross Radio, let’s get caught up with the CX Heat Check. Lots of moving parts in the power ranking, take a look to make sure you know who’s doing what and where your favorite sauces landed.

Alright, now that you’re all caught up. Let’s get into the latest Cyclocross Radio ep where Micheal, Bill and Zach catch you up on the Wout v MvdP fireworks before moving on to break down the Ethias Cross race at Beringen and the EKZ CrossTour Bern race.

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