AFI … Ronse (again)

A Fan In……..Ronse……..again OR … On the bus with the K-Pauw Sups

Having moved to Antwerp in the off-season I now find myself in easier reaching distance of the Kevin Pauwels Supporters base. This means that I get the chance to travel to the races on the supporters bus. YAY!

First though, you must get to the bus. This was my first time and of course it was the day that Belgian Rail decided to do some work on the train line and I am faced with the three words guaranteed to put fear into every train traveler everywhere:-

REPLACEMENT BUS SERVICE! Continue reading “AFI … Ronse (again)”


AFI … Oostmalle

[Editor’s Note: Before we dive head first into this year’s A Fan In … (AFI) series, we had some unfinished business to tidy up. Here’ is Cat Armour’s final dispatch from the 2015-2016 season. Stay, tuned, though, the 2016-2017 is but a breath away.] 

I love this race.

Last year was my first time as, without private transport, it’s a bit of a bugger to get to. If you don’t know, this race is held on an old airfield. The landing strip today is a giant public carpark, the taxi lanes for the rider parking and the course is on half sand and half forest at the side of the airfield. Like the start of the Belgian season in Neerpelt this course winds its way through the carpet of pine needles. The only art installations here though are the gorgeous trees. Alas, some of them have had to be removed, but now you can see right across the lake from the beer tent! Continue reading “AFI … Oostmalle”


AFI: Middelkerke

Editor’s Note: Here’s the final installment of Cat Armour’s fantastic AFI series. Thanks so much to Cat for this feature. We loved it every week. If you have a moment, give her a follow on Twitter @meowclank and say hi.]

Looong drive to the coast, but it turns out to be quicker than the train/tram option, although finding a parking space posed some questions. However, we find ourselves a seafront berth with beach and cafe and everything is good 🙂 A quick walk through the dunes and The Guys pull out another free ticket for me! YAY! If I had had to pay for every race I’ve been to this season, well, it would add up to rather a lot! Continue reading “AFI: Middelkerke”


AFI: Sint Niklaas

[Editor’s Note: Somewhere in my inbox this entry was lost, which meant Hoogstraten was posted out of order. So we’re backing up the bus and making sure Sint Niklaas gets its due.]

It’s our first outing after Worlds and a chance to see the Rainbows in their new homes for the next year. Continue reading “AFI: Sint Niklaas”