Rider Journal: Gavin Haley

[Editor’s Note: Today we introduce another contributor to the In The Crosshairs rider journal series. Gavin Haley is a rising star in cyclocross. A silver medal winner at the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals and a solid performance at Worlds, Gavin is a rider to watch.  He is 18 years old and lives in Santa Rosa, California. A natural on the bike, Gavin started riding without training wheels when he was around 2 years old. He grew up riding mountain bikes with his dad but didn’t race at first. “I have a Motorcross background, and picked up racing cyclocross when I was 10. I instantly loved it and have been racing ever since.” Besides riding bikes, Gavin has many hobbies, the biggest being music. He plays practically every instrument and is a pretty great singer, too. We had the opportunity to talk to Gavin at the pre-CrossVegas media event. That video interview is posted below Gavin’s journal entry.]

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