The Big Picture: German Cyclocross National Championship

German cyclocross is an interesting affair. Despite sharing borders with the two perennial cyclocross powerhouses of Belgium and The Netherlands, Germany is not known for its cyclocross culture. Belgian and Dutch riders stack World Cup top-10s, while Germany has a few representatives in the field looking to break the top-20. Continue reading “The Big Picture: German Cyclocross National Championship”


The Big Picture: 2016 Cyclocross World Championships

[Editor’s note: Matt Stehr traveled to the World Championships last weekend to photograph the event for Here’s his report and images.]

I’ve always thought the World Championships was a funny animal.  In reality it’s all the usual players coming together for a race that someone decided should determine who deserves the title of “World Champion.”  Why this location?  Why this race?  Even more interesting is that the riders raced (almost) the same course just over a month ago.  Why wasn’t that the World Championships?  Admittedly the Worlds includes a lot more riders from “lesser nations,” but these riders rarely feature or influence the race.

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