The Big Picture: Colorado State Championships

When my family moved in July from the Washington, DC suburbs of Maryland to Colorado, I knew comparisons and judgement about the local cyclocross scenes were inevitable. From my casual perusal of Nationals results, I noticed that “Colorado folks” tend to fare quite well, perhaps disproportionately so, compared to much larger metro areas. DC on the other hand (and more broadly, the Mid-Atlantic), is a denser area with a vastly larger population, and is quite competitive nationally in its own right. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Colorado State Championships”


The Big Picture: U.S. Open Of Cyclocross

[Editor’s Note: Neil Schirmer used to be a DC-area guy, and a fixture in the Mid-Atlantic cycling scene. He’s now a Colorado guy, and we are going to take full advantage of that. Check out his site cxetc. at and follow him on Twitter at @nschirm.]

UCI C2 races are among the more enjoyable ones to watch, driven in part by the fact that many times there’s a really compelling mix of racers showing up to grab points. There could be a current national champion in the mix (as with Katie Compton next week at DCCX), or the occasional European pro here and there, and those are always fun.  Continue reading “The Big Picture: U.S. Open Of Cyclocross”