Ridiculously super-excited SQUEEEEEEE.

My first time at the famous motor-racing circuit and I had been planning this forEVAH!! I got my ticket from the guys, train ticket and everything ready to go well in advance, but on the day it took my brain an age to get going, My carefully written out itinerary was left behind on the table and so I raced off to get the 26min past train, which was the train I got lat week to Antwerp! At least I was 10min early for the train I actually needed. Continue reading “AFI … FRANC-OR-CHAAAAAMPS”


AFI: Essen

The course at Essen takes in a little bit of The Netherlands and phone reception can be a little bit dodgy, but I love it as it runs alongside the railway line and all the local houses play host to the riders cars and campervans. The wind can get up a little bit on the nippy side though.

Getting here is easy and only involves one train change, but time to get a coffee at Antwerp Central. Continue reading “AFI: Essen”


AFI: Hamme

OK, it was my fault. I overslept, rushed to the station, but by the time I’d parked my bike the train was leaving the station. When the guys came to pick me up and save me from missing out I thoroughly deserved the ribbing. To top it off I managed to lose one of my gloves somewhere and my phone decided it was going to be a hit ‘n miss kind of day. Not the best start. It can only get better, right? You betcha! Continue reading “AFI: Hamme”


AFI: Ruddervoorde

The guys were on good form from the get go today. They always ask me who’s going to win when I get in the car and always I reply ‘Kevin Pauwels’, which leads to the friendly banter and their continued assurance that Sven is unbeatable. They have also decided that I am some kind of good luck charm and they are going to push theirs. Today was ‘can we blag a closer parking space’ which was achieved by actually knocking on a door and asking a householder if we could park in their driveway! Continue reading “AFI: Ruddervoorde”


AFI Valkenburg

I always get a little excited about heading out to Valkenburg because, you know, CAUBERG and this day was no exception. A bike ride and 3 trains later I’m there and my feet know their own way from Valkenburg station to the Cauberg. I was feeling good with my new insoles! Continue reading “AFI Valkenburg”