Crosshairs Radio Episode 45: Kerry Werner

For episode 45 we talk to Kerry Werner about, among other things, his transformation from top-level mountain-biker to pro cyclocross racer. Kerry has some great stories about his adventures in cycling. He is a person who comes across as pretty laid back but there’s definitely an intensity there that drives Kerry to constantly analyze his performance and strive to improve. He’s also got a bit of a prankster side and a good sense of humor, which makes for a fun conversation. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 45: Kerry Werner”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 44: TDDTIE (ITCH Tour)

Scott, David and Bill catch up on everything that happened during the ITCH Tour (ITCH=In The CrossHairs). From Trek CXC Cup to CrossVegas and the three race-day finale at Jingle Cross. We get in the weeds on all of the C1, C2 and World Cup action and some of the behind the scenes stories that made the week a memorable one. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 44: TDDTIE (ITCH Tour)”


Cyclocross Gear Check From Interbike

[Editor’s Note: Skills Drills and Bellyaches co-author and ITCH Tour crew member Dan Tille walked the floor at Interbike and catalogued some of the fresh cyclocross gear on display. For those just tuning in now, ITCH Tour = In The CrossHairs Tour. In the feature photo above, Dan’s on the left and Rusty is on the right. Together they are Fulcrum Coaching.]

In the past three years heading to Interbike as well as CrossVegas has always proved to be interesting. Interbike always has fresh and interesting gear and CrossVegas continues to be a fantastic and exciting race. This year proved to be no different. Continue reading “Cyclocross Gear Check From Interbike”


The Big Picture: Jingle Cross Sunday

Sunday at Jingle Cross offered up another spectacular day of racing. Two competitive elite races pitted a strong field of world class riders who stuck around following Saturday’s World Cup race. Despite the high level of competition, the crowd definitely was not the same as it was the day before. There was a bit of a cyclocross hangover in the air for Sunday’s race, which was a shame, but not a surprise. If this were just a C1 race weekend, the crowd would have been huge, like it was for Friday night’s C2 and Saturday’s World Cup. But the Sunday C1 just seemed like a bit to much to digest for most spectators who had already hit the road for home. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Jingle Cross Sunday”


The Big Picture: Jingle Cross World Cup

The Iowa City Jingle Cross World Cup course is legit. Muddy conditions, big climbs, fast descents, technical off-camber sections … Johnson County could be plopped down in the middle of Belgium and not be out of place. The number of exciting features on the course meant the crowd was spread out over the entire venue, so if it looked like the crowds weren’t huge on television, it was only because there was too much good stuff to see. Along those same lines, Iowans know how to have a good time. That was some fun good-natured spectating. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Jingle Cross World Cup”


The Big Picture: Jingle Cross Friday Night

Jingle Cross kicked off its triple header of UCI racing with a C2 night race in Iowa City. The big story of the day was the wet muddy conditions, the result of a day long deluge that had roads in the area flooded and the race venue chaotic. The sloppy Johnson County fairgrounds turf did not keep the partygoers off of Mt. Crumpit. An energetic crowd cheered on Helen Wyman and Marcel Meisen as they took the win on Night One of Jingle Cross.

Continue reading “The Big Picture: Jingle Cross Friday Night”