2013 Cyclocross Worlds: Some Words And Photos

Cyclocross Worlds comes to America.

The 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championship took place February 2 in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally planned for February 2 and 3, a quickly rising Ohio River forced organizers to hold all four championship races on Saturday. By Sunday, Eva Bandman Park, site of the championship, was half under water. It turns out flood waters, unlike weather, are much easier to predict and the organizers made the right call.

For anybody who has raced in the U.S., where promoters routinely hold six to eight races a day, having four events in one day didn’t seem that compressed. Granted, getting to the early morning junior race, after a late night in Bourbon-land, was a challenge for a whole bunch of people ¬†and the crowd definitely grew as the day went on.

As for the event? Allow me to dip my toes into a pool of hyperbole and say “It was amazing!” The course, venue, fans and racing were all top-notch. My goal post-race was to ask every person dressed in Belgian colors and smoking a cigarette how we did. Not one had a negative word to say.

As part of the U.S. cyclocross community, this was a proud day for all of us. And hopefully the beginning of a new age in U.S. cyclocross, in which most top European racers routinely come to race on American soil at least once a year. Although it may be a while before we have the World Championship back in the states, a World Cup race in the next five years should not come across as a pipe dream. Continue reading “2013 Cyclocross Worlds: Some Words And Photos”