SSCXWC15 Video

Not only did the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championship leave the United States for the first time ever, but those crafty Canadians even got Telus, a telecom company, to fund a damn fine looking short film. From the looks of it, Victoria put on a top-notch event. From racing to riding to partying, this one hit all the right notes. Continue reading “SSCXWC15 Video”


AFI: Namur

On the second day of CXmas there was CITADELCROSS.

With all the ease of traveling and parking we have had over the season so far it was inevitable that we would have a problem sometime or other. That day was today. The Tomtom that has served so well got lost on the outskirts of Namur sending us merrily along the small roads on the wrong side of the river and heading into roads closed for Sunday markets! The guys finally turned it off and headed for the citadel, which you can’t really miss, but finding the free parking required stopping and asking directions halfway up the back of the hill! But YAY! we got there! Continue reading “AFI: Namur”


AFI: Antwerp (Scheldecross)

On the first day of CXmas there was SCHELDECROSS.

I had not been to Scheldecross before, in fact, despite having stayed in Antwerp and been to the city on several other occasions, I had never been on the other side of the river to the linkerover (left bank as it were). It involves getting a bus which was easy after I found the bus stop sneakily hidden down a side road. Getting to the other side is through a long tunnel. This is significant because (a) I hate tunnels (b) I just signed up to run a trail in Antwerp which will incorporate said tunnel. (F**K) Continue reading “AFI: Antwerp (Scheldecross)”


The Big Picture: Jingle Cross (Friday)

[Editor’s Note: One of favorite photographers, Ethan Glading, sent us amazing galleries from Jingle Cross. You can follow Ethan’s work at @thepenultimatestage on Instagram and @eaglading on Twitter. These photos are from Friday night’s action. I’m a sucker for black and white.  Sunday photos are here. And Saturday images, here.] Continue reading “The Big Picture: Jingle Cross (Friday)”



Ridiculously super-excited SQUEEEEEEE.

My first time at the famous motor-racing circuit and I had been planning this forEVAH!! I got my ticket from the guys, train ticket and everything ready to go well in advance, but on the day it took my brain an age to get going, My carefully written out itinerary was left behind on the table and so I raced off to get the 26min past train, which was the train I got lat week to Antwerp! At least I was 10min early for the train I actually needed. Continue reading “AFI … FRANC-OR-CHAAAAAMPS”


The Big Picture: Brett’s NBX

As Isaac Brock said “500 miles is long time inside a car” in fact I think he said “It’s a real long time inside of a car.” Pittsburgh is 550 miles from the beaches of Goddard Park in Warwick, R.I., and I will agree with the words of Mr. Brock it is a real long time in a car, and certainly so after a day of racing and running around with a camera in hand. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Brett’s NBX”


Panda’s POV: My Resolution with Mud

There was an impressive array of paved bike paths in Tulsa, OK that I took advantage of in-between the Ruts ‘N Guts and Resolution ‘Cross Cup weekends. I eagerly got my Ruts ‘N Guts report finished for Panda’s POV and recorded an interview for Crosshairs Radio. I’ll never forget the outpouring of support and congratulations I received after my Tulsa wins. It was more fuel for the fire as I focused my attention on the upcoming races in Dallas, TX. Continue reading “Panda’s POV: My Resolution with Mud”