The Big Picture: Colorado State Championships

When my family moved in July from the Washington, DC suburbs of Maryland to Colorado, I knew comparisons and judgement about the local cyclocross scenes were inevitable. From my casual perusal of Nationals results, I noticed that “Colorado folks” tend to fare quite well, perhaps disproportionately so, compared to much larger metro areas. DC on the other hand (and more broadly, the Mid-Atlantic), is a denser area with a vastly larger population, and is quite competitive nationally in its own right. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Colorado State Championships”


The Big Picture: PCCoD

Ten Years is a long time, in fact it’s a decade. Think about that for a second, think about the movements and trends that die with in the time span of a decade, jazzercise is out yoga is in, no more GI Joe but Teletubbies rules children’s television, MTV goes from playing music videos to pregnant teenagers. A lot can happen in ten years, nation states can be born and die, Radiohead might record their next album, Keith Richards will likely go on living but no one is really willing to place money on any of these subjects. Continue reading “The Big Picture: PCCoD”


The 2016 Jeremy Powers DC Cross Camp

This past weekend, Jeremy Powers came to DC for another edition of our DC Cross Camp. For the second year running, the camp, which is is hosted by Crosshairs Cycling, Fulcrum Coaching and DCMTB, took place at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC. Along with Abraham Lincoln’s cottage and acres of beautiful landscape, the AFRH is also host to the UCI C2 race, DCCX, which takes place this year October 22 and 23. Cross camp was a great opportunity for 50 cyclocrossers to hone their skills, learn some new ones, and get a sneak peek at this year’s DCCX course. Continue reading “The 2016 Jeremy Powers DC Cross Camp”


A Cyclist’s Guide To Non-Cycling Movies

I went to Twitter the other day (follow me @cxhairs!!) to get some movie recommendations.  And Twitter responded with some great suggestions. You may be asking, “Isn’t this supposed to be a cycling website? What does this have to do with cyclocross?” Easy answer: Nothing. However, the recommendations I received all came from cyclists. So that’s something? And maybe you’ll watch one of these flicks while riding the trainer, or riding in the car on the way to a race. Bottom line: everything has to do with cycling. The sooner you accept that the better off you, and your family, will be.

So here’s the rundown. Rotten Tomatoes links, Trailers, Twitter handles and all. Lots of good stuff out there. Maybe next we do music?



Mo Bruno Roy@meaux_marie