2010 MAC Schedule Released

Two days of Granogue? That could be beyond epic.

The 2010 MAC Cyclocross schedule offers up some intriguing opportunities and disappointing omissions. On the positive tip, we get an additional day of racing at Charm City and Granogue. Who says you can’t have too much of a good thing? The downer for those of us in and around D.C. is the absence of Capital Cross, our traditional season closer. We hope that this is only a brief hiatus for that race and the Potomac Velo Club boys and girls have us racing at Lake Fairfax in 2011.

For the rest of the details on the MAC series rollout, I give you the time-honored journalistic cop-out known as news by press release. Full schedule after the jump. Thanks for reading.

 April 19, 2010; Conshohocken, PA, USA—It’s that time of year when cyclocross series start announcing their autumn programs.  And, as usual, the well-organized MAC Cyclocross on America’s Eastern Seaboard is one of the first to publish a confirmed race schedule; a schedule sees the biggest makeover in many years for the venerable organization.  

The biggest news on the MAC tour this year is that two of the best-attended races in the east, Granogue and Charm City, have both added a second day of racing to their events this year.   They join the season-ending Super Cross Cup in Long Island in offering a two-day UCI experience at a single venue.  A full program with all MAC classes will compete each day at each of these two-day events.  Continue reading “2010 MAC Schedule Released”


An Interview With The Swiss Dude: Valentin Scherz

Valentin Scherz

Valentin Scherz, winner of the Capital ‘Cross Classic and the MAC Elite Championship series, is an 18 year old fast man from Switzerland that spent the past couple months going toe-to-toe with many of the top U.S. riders. Scherz (Pro Cycles-Scott-Newwork) took some time for a short interview on how his Capital ‘Cross Classic race went down, racing in Europe compared to the U.S. and his plans for future visits to the U.S.

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How did the Capital ‘Cross Classic course conditions and race compare to a typical European race?

Scherz: The conditions here are more or less the same as in Europe. In my country, Switzerland, the courses are known to be very technical, hilly and difficult, as yesterday or in Southampton. In the rest of the Europe—Belgium, Holland, Italy, France—the fashion is now fast courses, more like the most of the races here. So the riders are more riding together and there is more suspense. Until two weeks ago, the weather conditions were warmer here than in Europe in October. But now, the weather is the same.

Scherz was on his own from the gun, Sunday

The level of the riders is my big deal now! I think I progressed a lot this year. But I don’t exactly know where my level will be in Europe. I think that in the UCI C2 or C1, the level here is the same as in Switzerland. And in the regional races, like yesterday, it’s the same as in the regional races in my region too. So the competition level is good enough here for me.

That was an impressive ride. How did you feel about your performance? Did the day play out the way you expected?

Scherz: Thanks. I was feeling pretty good yesterday during the race. My technique and my ability to ride in the slippery turns were good, which is really important for me. I tried yesterday to ride every lap better than the previous one. In fact, the day played out better than what I was expecting. I was expecting a hard race. I spent the two previous days visiting Washington, walked a lot, stood up for long stretches, etc. I did one week of rest without training two weeks ago and I did only slow rides last week.

On Sunday, it was difficult for me to get ready before the race, to go out of the car to warm up, check the course etc. The conditions were the worst it could be: not cold enough to have frozen ground, but enough to get your feet freezing in the really cold mud. So I was not feeling 100% on the start line. But everything always changes just after the start-shot: you become a warrior and give all that you have. And then you see how fit you really are! My feelings on the bike were great, and the legs were good. Continue reading “An Interview With The Swiss Dude: Valentin Scherz”


DCCX: Arley Kemmerer Interview

Kemmerer pulling away at DCCX

Arley Kemmerer (Hub Racing) is an elite level women’s cyclocrosser that has been racking up UCI points this season with a slew of top 20 finishes at big races. In her third season of ‘cross, Arley has established herself as a top racer in the Mid-Atlantic region. Happy, but not satisfied, with how her season has progressed so far, Kemmerer would like to improve on her already impressive top 25 national ranking and finish out the MAC series in the top three. 

When it comes to the MABRA Cyclocross Series, nobody has come close to Kemmerer. She powered away from the competition in the muddy Ed Sander Memorial race back in September and did the same at this past Sunday’s DCCX.

We caught up with Arley—who somehow balances a full race schedule with the demands of being in her third year of law school—to learn more about her season, training and the DCCX race. 

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You were a skier before bike racer. How does the skill-set from skiing transfer to cycling? 

Ski racing has definitely helped for cyclocross. A big part of ski racing is carrying your speed efficiently around turns, which requires you to choose and hold a fast line, which translates well into navigating a cyclocross course. 

How long have you been racing ‘cross? Is CX or road your main cycling focus? 

This is my 3rd cyclocross season. I’d say I focus equally on road and cyclocross, but I definitely have better results in cross.  Continue reading “DCCX: Arley Kemmerer Interview”