Kelley Acres ‘Cross: Young & Young At Heart

Kelley Acres ‘Cross took place October 4 in Middletown, Maryland. The day featured several compelling races. We are going to highlight two right now and follow up tomorrow with more from the BCA race and Kelley Acres.

The Men’s Masters 3/4 field is a strong lot. It is a sweet spot for many competitors that may not be racing as much because of family, work and other life commitments. The beauty of cyclocross is that the races are not so long that racking up hours and hours of base mile training is essential, the venues are family-friendly and the season is condensed to about three months. This is not to say it is easy, just that it is possible to be successful with short, intense training.

Kelleycross2 180
Seibold riding the log barriers. Photo: Demoncats Photography.

The Kelley Acres venue, at first glance, is not one that would favor a single-speed set-up. The course has one long climb, a fast descent into a long flat drag, and a host of elevation changes. This did not seem to concern Jonathan Seibold (Family Bike Shop), who rode his single-speed to victory in the masters 3/4 field. Jonathan ran away from the field in this race. Literally. He punched it coming in to the flyover, sprinted up the steps, and established a gap on the first lap that was never closed.

The Mens 3/4 race featured racers at the other end of the life-commitment spectrum. The first two finishers’ race ages combined, equal 36. Race winner Sam O’Keefe, racing age 16, continued his dominance of the MABRA 3/4 field. For this race, Sam teamed-up with fellow C3-Athletes Serving Athletes rider Tom Mackay, race age 20, to put a pretty good hurting on the field.

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Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross: Podium Interviews

The 2009 edition of the Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross was a muddy affair that rewarded smart, powerful riders. Choosing the correct lines through the muck and being able to power through without dismounting was a proven recipe for success.

Before we get to the interviews, I want to thank Jay Morali for his suggestions and input. Some of the best questions you see below, such as those on weekly training and gearing, were Jay’s ideas. Have suggestions of your own for the site? Send them along to Or leave a comment.

Ryan Dudek: Web Guru. Daredevil.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ryan Dudek, who came to my rescue when I was certain I had broken the Internet. He will tell you it was no big deal, but his assistance in getting the site up and running, and frankly looking a whole lot better, was huge. This, of course, also gives me the opportunity to once again show this picture from February’s Cross My Heart CX. That’s Ryan.

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