Eleven Questions With Stephen Hyde

  When I first saw Stephen Hyde race cross at Nittany CX my reaction was probably the same as most, “who is that kid!” Hyde took his place at the front of the race amongst talent like Todd Wells, Jacob Lasley and Adam Myerson to name a few, at times dictating the pace. Fast forward one week later and Hyde takes on Jonathan Page in a head to head battle at Charm City CX besting the veteran and at the time National Champion on day 2 of the event to win his first UCI race. Since then Stephen’s trajectory towards the top of the sport has been at lightning speed, this past season saw him on the podium weekly at the biggest event in the country including back to back victories at the UCI C1 events in Louisville, Kentucky. Stephen’s attitude is infectious and easy to see his love and dedication to the sport of cyclocross, I was able catch up with Stephen a few weeks after his season ended in Europe as he begins to refocus for the coming year.

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The Book of Cross: Chapter 2

Jeremy Powers and Motofish Coffee have put together another great chapter in the Book of Cross project. As much as I loved watching Behind the Barriers, my editor’s brain was doing a lot of cutting during episodes. Just a bit here and a bit there to tighten things up. We watched chapter 2 of the Book of Cross series, which covers Jingle Cross, and Jeremy’s relationship with Stephen Hyde, and it flew by. Editor brain didn’t engage once (okay, maybe once). Regardless, every scene is a good one. And the sand quarry training ground??? That is SPECTACULAR. Continue reading “The Book of Cross: Chapter 2”