Clip Show (Part II): Top Fuel

What you do before you start a race most likely will affect how you finish it. Here is an article I wrote for last year. It’s an off-the-cuff look at an important part of your race day, food. Originally published December 20th, 2008 here.

Powered by Krispy Kreme?

Like Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks, I am six-foot-five-inches tall. Yet, I can say with a high level of certainty, earned through years of middling results, that extraordinary height alone does not guarantee cyclocross success. I will never step foot onto the podium of an elite level race and I’m okay with that. But what about reaching the top five of my regional series? If I put in the time and summon the motivation, shouldn’t that be possible? We’ve all read the articles, watched the videos, and digested the free online coaching tips. Is that all there is to it? VO2 max intervals and smoothly suitcasing your bike? To find out how to reach the top, I went to the people-the electrician, the accountant, the stay-at-home dad-to see what it is that they did to get on their regional podium. Continue reading “Clip Show (Part II): Top Fuel”


The Clip Show (Part I)

With the beginning of the season right around the corner I have decided it was time for ‘In The Crosshairs’ to do its first ever clip show. So pretend we have just accidentally locked ourselves in the cellar and are spending the time reminiscing about last season until somebody realizes we are missing. We are going to start the flashback sequence with some advice for the newbies. A standard interview question asked on this site concerns missteps of the new cyclocross racer. Here’s a look back at the knowledge handed down from podium finishers.

What is something you saw a newbie do that made you think “I really need to have a friendly word with that guy.” This could have been in a race or in the parking lot or waiting in line to register, etc.


STEVE FIFE: I see people roll to the start line cold all the time, and think it would really be helpful for them to know the benefit of a good warm up.

Capital 'Cross45
Technique. Tire Pressure. Layering. All are important in CX.

JULIE KULIECZA: I think I am still a newbie so if someone sees me doing something dumb please tell me. Pumping tires up to more than 50 psi. I did say something and they thanked me.

LINDSAY BAYER: I AM that newbie. People are always kindly pointing things out like, “Your number is on backwards,” or “You’re on the wrong type of bicycle” or “You should lay off the brakes in those turns.”

NOAH BELL: A guy ran through a ridable sand pit every lap and on the last lap a guy rode past him and he lost a podium spot.

CJ CONGROVE: I am a noob. I didn’t wear my kit to the podium. Maybe someone needs to have a word with me. Continue reading “The Clip Show (Part I)”