The Cyclocross Rap Battle: Screencap Translation

Following the February 14 broadcast of the Superprestige finale in Middlekerke, Vier broadcast a “rap battle” between the top men cyclocrossers from¬†Belgium and the Netherlands. Although no English subtitles were available, Dutch ones were provided. So, along with some help from my Dutch friends, here is my interpretation of the rap stylings of Sven, Rob, Wout, Klaas, Mathieu, Lars, Bart and Tom. This is pretty close but not a literal translation. I took a few liberties to make the Dutch rhymes come close to English rhymes.

Before you continue, if you haven’t seen the original, or to refresh your memory,¬†here is the video in full:

And here’s the breakdown of the individual battles:


The Teams:



Sven vs. Wout:


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