The Big Picture: 2016 Cyclocross World Championships

[Editor’s note: Matt Stehr traveled to the World Championships last weekend to photograph the event for Here’s his report and images.]

I’ve always thought the World Championships was a funny animal.  In reality it’s all the usual players coming together for a race that someone decided should determine who deserves the title of “World Champion.”  Why this location?  Why this race?  Even more interesting is that the riders raced (almost) the same course just over a month ago.  Why wasn’t that the World Championships?  Admittedly the Worlds includes a lot more riders from “lesser nations,” but these riders rarely feature or influence the race.

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World Championship Course Preview Videos

There have been a handful of point-of-view course preview videos floating around. This one by Team France and Cofidis rider, Clément Venturini, was brought to my attention by fellow and Crosshairs Radio contributor, Taylor Jones. The footage was shot for French Cyclocross website,Labourés Magazine, and does a nice job showing the elevation changes in the course as well as the trees … in the course. Also, listen for Venturini’s breathing when he’s off the bike. Even for a recon ride, every lap at Zolder is a hot lap. It’s going to be a fast race but that doesn’t necessarily mean this course is easy. Or flat. Continue reading “World Championship Course Preview Videos”


Preliminary 2016-2017 UCI Cyclocross Calendar Released [PROCEED WITH CAUTION]

Before you even scroll down and start marking your calendars, know this: the calendar below and currently on the UCI website is not final. If anything it is a placeholder that may not have necessarily been meant for public consumption. In other words, it’s not completely correct and likely to change. The calendar vote will happen this weekend and a final calendar will be released after the World Championships. And that final calendar? Even it may change. Nothing is certain in UCI cyclocross land.

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Crosshairs Radio Episode 21: 2016 Cyclocross World Championship Preview

For Crosshairs Radio episode 21 it’s another edition of the basement tapes with Taylor, Kevin and Elliott (who joins us from a remote, undisclosed location somewhere around Athens, Georgia.) The 2016 Cyclocross World Championships take place this coming weekend and we offer our thoughts and picks for the five races on tap. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 21: 2016 Cyclocross World Championship Preview”


Eleven Questions With Tobin Ortenblad

When you think of Santa Cruz, CA what is the first thing that comes to mind? Surfing, fish tacos, Rob Roskopp, and likely if you are here cyclocross. Northern California has long been a hub of cyclocross and Santa Cruz has always produced great riders and great races. Recently Tobin Ortenblad a resident and student of the Santa Cruz cyclocross scene capped off his best season to date by capturing the U23 National Championship in Asheville NC a few weeks ago. Tobin is currently in Europe having just raced the final World Cup in Hoogerhiede and is now preparing for the World Championship in Zolder this coming weekend. We caught up with Tobin to see how life as a national champion is treating him back home and over in Europe. Continue reading “Eleven Questions With Tobin Ortenblad”


Life After Motocross: Jan Denuwelaere

From the celebrated “sorry cake” presented by Zdenek Stybar, to getting in the middle of the Wout/Sven Koppenbergcross sprint, to winning the elites without a contract Belgian national championship, Jan Denuwelaere (Crelan-Vastgoed Service) has plenty of amazing stories. Maybe a guest spot on Crosshairs Radio is in order. But before ever toeing the line on a cyclocross bike, Jan was racing motocross. Reading lines, cornering, handling, the similarities between the sports are plenty and the transition for Denuwelaere to a motor-less bike has been a successful one. Continue reading “Life After Motocross: Jan Denuwelaere”


The Big Picture: The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team

For almost two decades now Richard Sachs has been an integral part of the American cyclocross scene. Throughout the years Richard has sponsored some of the best riders the sport has had to offer and all the while doing it his way. His loyalty to his sponsors and riders reflects on the relationships he has maintained with them over the years. The Richard Sachs team has set an example for how a cyclocross team can be built and grown in a truly organic fashion and compete with the biggest teams out there. There is a tradition and ethos that comes along with Richard Sachs that is completely admirable, so when I received a message from Dan Chabanov asking if I would be interested in shooting photos of the team there was no hesitation. Continue reading “The Big Picture: The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team”