CXHairs Goes to Le Tour (2016 Edition)

Editor’s Note: In The Crosshairs’ Grand Tour correspondent, John Kavouris, is once again at the Tour de France and capturing the sights for you, the viewer. Check out John’s work at and follow along here for another installment of offseason fun.

Rest Day Recap – Week 2

If you remember from last year, In The Crosshairs spent part of the off-season covering of week 1 of the Tour de France. It was a fun time, it was a tiring time, and it was a major learning experience. Part straight race coverage, part behind the scenes, part travel-log, it was an experiment, really, that happened to work out pretty well. At the bare minimum, I was able to start from zero, acquire a credential, drive like hell for 8 days, push the shutter button a few times, and arrive at the other side unscathed and with pictures that weren’t totally atrocious, in my opinion. Continue reading “CXHairs Goes to Le Tour (2016 Edition)”


Trailside Dailies and Hilly Billy Roubaix

It turns out there really isn’t much of an offseason, anymore. And I’m okay with that. Since cyclocross season ended I’ve had the opportunity to grab my camera gear and get back to shooting and editing video. Something that I never have time to do enough of during a busy cyclocross schedule. And without a doubt, it’s been a pretty awesome summer. Continue reading “Trailside Dailies and Hilly Billy Roubaix”


2016-2017 UCI Cyclocross World Cup Selection Criteria

USA Cycling has released the selection criteria for riders interested in racing UCI World Cup cyclocross events for the 2016-2017 season. Most notable for U.S. riders is the double allotment afforded U.S. riders for the CrossVegas and Jingle Cross world cup stops. The Men’s and Women’s U.S. squads will both be allowed to bring up to 16 riders rather than the eight riders normally allotted to national federations.

Before getting to the rules, let’s take a quick look at the World Cup calendar. Note there are two U.S. events, two Dutch events, three Belgian events, and one event each in Germany and Italy. A pretty nice mix of nations hosting World Cup events this season before we head to Worlds in Luxembourg. Continue reading “2016-2017 UCI Cyclocross World Cup Selection Criteria”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 35: Richard Nieuwhuis (Dugast)

For episode 35 I had the opportunity to chat with Richard Nieuwhuis, who owns A. Dugast BV, the company that makes Dugast tubular tires. We found some time before the Lenzerheide World Cup mountainbike races to sit down in the Scott Odlo compound and talk cyclocross. The environment was not ideal so there is definitely some background noise, including an espresso machine and a late cameo by Band of Horses. But the conversation is wide-ranging, from how he got into the business and how he works with top pros to produce the treads we all know to dishing on the the best riders in the business. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 35: Richard Nieuwhuis (Dugast)”


Crosshairs Radio ep 34: Ellen Noble

Ellen Noble (Aspire Racing) is our guest for episode 34 of Crosshairs Radio. And it’s a good one. A really good one.

I know I’m not alone in saying I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s since her days with Trek Cyclocross Collective. It’s astounding to think that having raced cyclocross for only five years, after coming over from mountainbiking, she is already one of the fastest women in the United States. But once you hear her talk about trying to make herself suffer so hard she bleeds out of her eyeballs, you’ll understand how Ellen Noble has succeeded at pretty much everything she tries. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio ep 34: Ellen Noble”


Clif Bar CrossVegas Course Changes Announced

CrossVegas announced, today, changes to the track at the decade old event. No longer will the race venture off into the no-man’s land of the front-side soccer fields but will instead be confined to the “bowl.” The changes look like they will make for a more dynamic race and one that is even more spectator friendly. Here ‘s the official press release from Cross Vegas along with the new map: Continue reading “Clif Bar CrossVegas Course Changes Announced”


Crosshairs Radio ep 33: New Cyclocross Rules with the TDDTIE Crew

The UCI released updated rules for cyclocross this week and the They Don’t Do That In Europe crew of Scott Dedenbach, Mr. David Palan and Bill Schieken take an hour to hash out all of the changes. We compiled questions, did research, conferred with experts (really!), explained away all controversy, and got it 100 percent right …  maybe 98 percent. If you want to follow along with the discussion, all of the rule changes and clarifications are available in an easy to read format, here: Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio ep 33: New Cyclocross Rules with the TDDTIE Crew”


UCI Releases Updated Cyclocross Rules and Regulations

The UCI posted, today, changes to its rules and regulations for cyclocross. The hot-button item is the new radio rule for World Cup and World Championship races (although as written, it is limited. Communication allowed only from the rider to the mechanic. No communication from staff to rider). But there’s more. The u-turn returns, as long as there is no picket fence swinging by riders, and staff for world cup and world champs need UCI licenses [Editor’s note: After talking to a few people who know more than me, I think the rule from last year will remain intact. This is just a bad translation. So expect to see the triangles return.]  I’ve pulled out all of the changes, which were approved June 7 by the UCI Management Commission, and listed them below. I’ve also uploaded the full cyclocross chapter here: 5CRO-E-07.06.2016_English. Continue reading “UCI Releases Updated Cyclocross Rules and Regulations”


Crosshairs Radio ep 32: Dekker! Richards! Meeusen! Powers! AusCX!

We are calling episode 32 of Crosshairs Radio “The Sampler Plate,” because there is a little bit of everything on this episode and all of it is awesome. We start off the show by checking in with Jeremy Powers who gives an update on what he’s up to and also gives some insight into the season ahead for him and his Aspire Racing program. But the main reason to have Jeremy on was to talk about the upcoming Jeremy Powers Washington DC Cyclocross Camp, which we would love to see you attend. For more information on this year’s camp please visit: Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio ep 32: Dekker! Richards! Meeusen! Powers! AusCX!”


The Big Picture: Philadelphia International Cycling Classic

Stuck to the seat inside of an Amtrak passenger car sweating out the night before, a young girl began humming and ever so slightly singing along to Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.” Deep in the belly of 30th Street Station I struggled to find some sort of peace amongst the heat and chaos, the engine of the train had yet to start and the hot stagnate air from the streets above had begun to wraps its filthy hands around my neck. My mind raced, wondering if I should just get up and run as fast I can off the train car but just as the girl muttered “this gun is for hire…” the engine fired up and the air began a cool dance of circulating fans extinguishing any thoughts of escape and ending a week long work-cation in the city of Brotherly Love. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Philadelphia International Cycling Classic”