The Big Picture: U.S. Open Of Cyclocross

[Editor’s Note: Neil Schirmer used to be a DC-area guy, and a fixture in the Mid-Atlantic cycling scene. He’s now a Colorado guy, and we are going to take full advantage of that. Check out his site cxetc. at and follow him on Twitter at @nschirm.]

UCI C2 races are among the more enjoyable ones to watch, driven in part by the fact that many times there’s a really compelling mix of racers showing up to grab points. There could be a current national champion in the mix (as with Katie Compton next week at DCCX), or the occasional European pro here and there, and those are always fun.  Continue reading “The Big Picture: U.S. Open Of Cyclocross”


The Big Picture: Charm City Cyclocross (Day 2)

Hurling my car down interstate 70, precisely pinning the needle of the speedometer just under the 80mph mark, hoping that theory of 10 miles an hour over the limit is actually the limit. Five pm, then six, the Breezewood interchange onto the Pennsylvania turnpike, back to pinning the speedometer at it’s needed location. With my stomach empty in synchronization with the cars gas tank, the need to stop was pressing, but there was no time to waste. In a mere two hours Dinosaur Jr, would be taking the stage at Mr. Smalls Theater in Pittsburgh and I was still an hour and forty minutes away. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Charm City Cyclocross (Day 2)”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 47: TDDTIE (Charm City & Ronse)

Scott, David and Bill give you the low down on all that happened at this past weekend’s Charm City Cyclocross UCI C1/C2 races. We talk about the racing, the course, the hipsters and so much more. Theories are put forth, grievances are aired and conclusions (right or wrong) are made. We then move on to Ronse and talk about rainbow jerseys, mechanicals, Internet commenters. It’s an action packed hour that is not to be missed. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 47: TDDTIE (Charm City & Ronse)”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 46: TDDTIE (Scott and the Boys from Oz)

In Baltimore for Charm City Cross, Scott Dedenbach and his Australian charges: Chris Aitken and Tom Chapman, made their way down to DC for the day to do some sightseeing and record a podcast. Live from the CXHairs basement studio, Tom and Chris talk about getting into cyclocross in Australia and their two month U.S. tour. Scott and Bill then go through a Mr. David Palan-less TDDTIE discussing KMC Cross Fest, Gieten and and the upcoming Charm City. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 46: TDDTIE (Scott and the Boys from Oz)”


The Big Picture: KMC Cross Fest

I stood motionless in stagnant summer sweat, one arm supporting part of my weight while holding on to the trunk of a crying Bradford pear tree, my feet aching in dusty boots on the cracked dirt doing the rest of the work to keep me standing. Every 90 seconds I would drag the hundred or so feet of garden hose in small increments, from one withering dusty burlap sack to the next in the attempt to keep cultivated specimens of decorative trees from dispensing their last leaf onto the parched ground, sealing their fate in becoming another addition the mass grave of organic material steaming at the end of the lot. It was the summer of 2000 and earlier that spring I had taken a job at a local greenhouse and nursery. Continue reading “The Big Picture: KMC Cross Fest”


AFI … Oostmalle

[Editor’s Note: Before we dive head first into this year’s A Fan In … (AFI) series, we had some unfinished business to tidy up. Here’ is Cat Armour’s final dispatch from the 2015-2016 season. Stay, tuned, though, the 2016-2017 is but a breath away.] 

I love this race.

Last year was my first time as, without private transport, it’s a bit of a bugger to get to. If you don’t know, this race is held on an old airfield. The landing strip today is a giant public carpark, the taxi lanes for the rider parking and the course is on half sand and half forest at the side of the airfield. Like the start of the Belgian season in Neerpelt this course winds its way through the carpet of pine needles. The only art installations here though are the gorgeous trees. Alas, some of them have had to be removed, but now you can see right across the lake from the beer tent! Continue reading “AFI … Oostmalle”