Crosshairs Radio Episode 12: Elle Anderson

Elle Anderson (Strava/SRAM) joins us for a great conversation on episode 12 of Crosshairs Radio. Elle grew up with dreams of being a downhill skier, but after spending her childhood years chasing that dream, she gave it up and eventually found the bike. First just for fun and later as a way to fulfill her competitive drive. Elle quickly rose through the ranks of American Cyclocross, with a string of UCI wins, finishing on the podium at Nationals and getting a ride on a Belgian team last season.  Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 12: Elle Anderson”


AFI: Ruddervoorde

The guys were on good form from the get go today. They always ask me who’s going to win when I get in the car and always I reply ‘Kevin Pauwels’, which leads to the friendly banter and their continued assurance that Sven is unbeatable. They have also decided that I am some kind of good luck charm and they are going to push theirs. Today was ‘can we blag a closer parking space’ which was achieved by actually knocking on a door and asking a householder if we could park in their driveway! Continue reading “AFI: Ruddervoorde”

The Big Picture: Gavere

It feels like it’s taken ages for me to get out to Belgium this year. The World Cup is well underway, Koppenbergcross and Zonhoven are already done, and I’ve only just stepped off the Eurostar. Gavere is a classic course though, set on the side of a hill half in an arboretum and the other half in some kind of military facility. As with so many famous Belgian locations, it is on the outskirts of an otherwise humble Flemish town that is overwhelmed by cycling fans one day a year. Continue reading “The Big Picture: Gavere”

The Big Picture: Fairhill Cyclocross and Who is Fatmarc?

Under the breezy drizzle of Fairhill, MD skies I overheard a conversation between a few teammates, it was as pre-race chatter goes before a race between friends: “How ya feelin’” “I didn’t sleep enough last night” “Is what’s his name here?” “Who is Fatmarc?” WHO IS FATMARC !!! Continue reading “The Big Picture: Fairhill Cyclocross and Who is Fatmarc?”

The Young Guns Of U.S. Cyclocross: Where Are They Now?

[Editor’s Note: Neil Schirmer makes his first appearance as a contributor to with a great look at the podium finishers from January’s U23 National Championship race in Austin and where they are now. You can follow Neil on Twitter at @NSchirm. Also check out his website, CXetc. for more good reading.]

After great finishes in Austin earlier this year in January, where are these young guns of US Cyclocross this season? What have they been up to and where are they headed? Here’s what we found after digging around and catching up with a few of them. Continue reading “The Young Guns Of U.S. Cyclocross: Where Are They Now?”

The Big Picture: CycleSmart International Cyclocross Day 2 (Elite Men)

Rafael Gagné (Red Truck – Garneu p/b Easton Cycling) dominated day 2 of CycleSmart International, soloing away from the field and holding off his pursuers to take the win. A large group of podium contenders would ride together behind him, making soft attacks to jab at one another all race. After a suspenseful race waiting for big attacks, the final podium places were decided by a blistering final lap and small group sprint. Dylan McNicholas (Polartec) rode a smart race and would out-sprint all in the chase group to claim 2nd, while Cameron Dodge (unattached) would hang onto his wheel for 3rd. Continue reading “The Big Picture: CycleSmart International Cyclocross Day 2 (Elite Men)”

The Big Picture: CycleSmart International Cyclocross Day 2 (Elite Women)

After settling for 2nd place a day prior, Emma White (CyclocrossWorld Development Team) struck back on day 2 of CycleSmart International to take the win against a late fading Ellen Noble (JAM Fund/NCC/Vittoria, 2nd). Cassandra Maximenko (Van Dessel Cycles) claimed the 3rd spot on the podium, improving upon her prior day’s 5th place. With contenders the same but new battles to play out on the slightly modified course, the Elite Women closed out the weekend in Northampton in epic fashion. Continue reading “The Big Picture: CycleSmart International Cyclocross Day 2 (Elite Women)”

Panda’s POV: Down at Derby City

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race held in Louisville, Kentucky. Often called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”, the Kentucky Derby receives this nickname from the approximate length of time it takes the winner to run from the starting gate to the finish line. On Saturday, November 7th, a Panda took off from the starting gate and came to a stop right on the finish line of the Derby City Cup in less than two minutes. Continue reading “Panda’s POV: Down at Derby City”