Kemmerer’s Level 11 Racing Joins Fearless Femme Racing

Friends of In The Crosshairs and Crosshairs Radio, Arley Kemmerer and Rachel Rubino, have a new team and a new teammate and we couldn’t be more happy for them. Kemmerer and Rubino will be joined by Taryn Mudge and will race for Fearless Femme Racing. As great as it is for Kemmerer, Rubino and Mudge, it’s also exciting to see Fearless Femme Racing, an elite road and crit racing team enter the world of cyclocross. I hope it’s a path other domestic road teams follow. Continue reading “Kemmerer’s Level 11 Racing Joins Fearless Femme Racing”


World Cup Champs Return To CrossVegas

For the past several years, In The Crosshairs has made the trip to Nevada to cover CrossVegas. For this year we are upping the ante by not only covering CrossVegas but expanding that coverage to include Trek CXC Cup and JingleCross. Video, photos, podcasts, and articles will all be a part of our expanded coverage that will include rider interviews, many looks behind-the-scenes, and daily entries to give you the inside scoop on what this crazy week of U.S. racing looks like. The centerpiece of this coverage will be a video series similar to what I produced for Trek Factory Racing. On top of that, some of my favorite photographers will be adding photos, and I have sit downs lined up with some of your favorite cyclocross personalities for new episodes of Crosshairs Radio. Continue reading “World Cup Champs Return To CrossVegas”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 39: They Don’t Do That On The Two Johns Podcast

It’s podcast crossover time on Crosshairs Radio. Similar to how Richard Belzer would occasionally pop up in Law and Order episodes while he was starring in Homicide: Life on the Streets, before eventually getting his own Law and Order franchise, we are bringing in John Gatch of The Two Johns Podcast fame to add his always entertaining take on the world of cyclocross. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 39: They Don’t Do That On The Two Johns Podcast”


La Leyenda del Dorado 2016

[Editor’s Note: pro cyclist and recent Crosshairs Radio guest, Cole Oberman, checks in from the dirt road with his first installment of a new feature on We’re still coming up with a name for Cole’s for now unnamed column and hope to crack that code soon. If you have an idea for a name send it along, but know in advance, all of your coal puns will be ignored. Before handing it off to Cole, we want to give a shout out to Julbo for making his trip possible. If after reading Cole’s column you want more info on the La Leyenda del Dorado event, check out]

It’s funny how some of the most incredible opportunities in life seem to drop in out of nowhere. This was certainly the case with my trip to La Leyenda del Dorado MTB Stage Race in Colombia a few weeks ago. About a month before the event I received an email from Dave Crothers at Julbo Eyewear USA asking if I was interested in going to Colombia to do a 7 day mountain bike stage race. A bunch of thoughts immediately ran through my head; I haven’t done a stage race in 2 years, I’ve only been training for XC, I speak like literally 4 words of Spanish, and I won’t know anyone there. Obviously I replied with an emphatic, SOUNDS PERFECT! Continue reading “La Leyenda del Dorado 2016”


The 2016 Jeremy Powers DC Cross Camp

This past weekend, Jeremy Powers came to DC for another edition of our DC Cross Camp. For the second year running, the camp, which is is hosted by Crosshairs Cycling, Fulcrum Coaching and DCMTB, took place at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC. Along with Abraham Lincoln’s cottage and acres of beautiful landscape, the AFRH is also host to the UCI C2 race, DCCX, which takes place this year October 22 and 23. Cross camp was a great opportunity for 50 cyclocrossers to hone their skills, learn some new ones, and get a sneak peek at this year’s DCCX course. Continue reading “The 2016 Jeremy Powers DC Cross Camp”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 37: Brook Watts (CrossVegas)

In episode 37, we welcome CrossVegas head honcho, Brook Watts, to Crosshairs Radio for a lively discussion about the history of the event and what we have to look forward to for the tenth year celebration. In its second year as a World Cup event, CrossVegas has revamped the entire course and brought a fresh look to this American cyclocross institution. Brook gives us a peek inside the race and gets us ready for September. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 37: Brook Watts (CrossVegas)”


CXHairs Goes to Le Tour (2016 Edition)

Editor’s Note: In The Crosshairs’ Grand Tour correspondent, John Kavouris, is once again at the Tour de France and capturing the sights for you, the viewer. Check out John’s work at and follow along here for another installment of offseason fun.

Rest Day Recap – Week 2

If you remember from last year, In The Crosshairs spent part of the off-season covering of week 1 of the Tour de France. It was a fun time, it was a tiring time, and it was a major learning experience. Part straight race coverage, part behind the scenes, part travel-log, it was an experiment, really, that happened to work out pretty well. At the bare minimum, I was able to start from zero, acquire a credential, drive like hell for 8 days, push the shutter button a few times, and arrive at the other side unscathed and with pictures that weren’t totally atrocious, in my opinion. Continue reading “CXHairs Goes to Le Tour (2016 Edition)”